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09-10-2009, 07:06 AM
(A) Renaissance, recruiting for ToC 25 Heroic

Renaissance is an 18+ Alliance guild on Emerald Dream (eu) that has been together since Vanilla WOW, and battled through all trials and trouble the game has put in our way. Our raid days are on Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, from 20:00 to 24:00 (Game time, CET / GMT+1).

Website: Renaissance - Emerald Dreams (http://www.renaissance-guild.co.uk/)
Forum: renaissance-guild.co.uk • Index page (http://forum.renaissance-guild.co.uk/)

Recruitment status:
Tanks: Recruitment closed.
Healers: Recruitment is open for 1 Holy Paladin and 1 Restoration Shaman.
Druid (Balance)
Hunter High Demand
Warrior (Fury)

What we are looking for:
18 years old or over, and a mature, tolerant attitude.
A determined, positive & competitive attitude.
Willing to commit to endgame raids and content.
The abbility to deal with wipenights.
80% or higher attendance on our raid days.
Able to take constructive criticism, in and out of raids.
Come to raids fully prepared, with proper enchants, gems, consumables, etc.
A solid grasp of the english language, both written and vocally (Ventrilo)
Flexibility in raid end times, if a new kill is on the horizon- we expect you to want to stay.
A long term raiding commitment.

UI/Software requirements:

OS 10, Complete
OS 25, Complete, Server first
OS 10 3D, Complete, Server first
OS 25 3D, Complete, Server first
Naxx 10, Complete
Naxx 25, Complete, Server first
EoE 10, Complete
EoE 25, Complete, Server first
Ulduar 10, 13/14 (HM: FL, XT, IC, Vezax, Yogg+1, Hodir, Thorim, Freya+3, Mimiron)
Ulduar 25, 13/14 (HM: FL, XT, IC, Vezax, Yogg+3, Hodir, Thorim, Freya+2)
TotC 10, Complete
TotC 10 HC, Complete Tribute to Skill
TotC 25, Complete
TotC 25 HC, 1/5

To apply please go to our forums, we are open to both public and private applications. If you have any direct questions you can contact us in game. The people to contact would be: Warlocomotif (Recruitment officer), Silion (Healer leader), Mido (Tank leader), or one of the other officers (Ginola, Shaylarlais, Haldar).

09-15-2009, 07:26 AM
Progress and classes being recruited updated.