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09-10-2009, 06:30 AM
ok i'm am new to this site and just wondering what a paladin tank should look for in stats. such as how much dodge i need, how much parry, how much block. Do i need expertise and if so how much. Whats paladin tank hit cap. I'm pretty much 33k with my buffs, shy 200hp thats all of 33k. I currently have 548 defense, 21.91% dodge, 19.05% parry, 17.20% block, 190 hit rating (5.79% for melee and 7.24% for spell), and 3.50% expertise. If anyone could give me a few pointers and which of these stats i need to better and why, I would much appreciate it.
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Altar+of+Storms&n=Vorak) here is a link to my armory.

09-10-2009, 06:33 AM
I don't think there's much you should look for that you don't have already. Expertise and hit wise, paladins are no different from other tanks, though expertise is slightly less useful for us. That means 8% hit, 26 expertise for dodge(forgot the parry's amount), more dodge and defense rating than parry rating. If it won't fumble any stat, try getting a little more avoidance/block and fill the attack table at 102,4%, it smooths down damage income a little.

09-10-2009, 07:01 AM
You logged out in ret gear, I can't comment on specifics.

Expertise as of the last patch has the SAME importance as warriors. I know this doesn't make sense from a mechanics point of view, but a lot of our holy damage abilities (Such as Seal of Blood/seal of vengeance) can now be Missed/Dodged/Parried/etc., to be homogenized with other tanks. In addition, some things now work off melee hit instead of spell hit, so that requirement went down a bit. However, the numbers are still good (8% hit or 264 rating, 26 expertise or 214 rating). The 33k is respectable, and unless you want to start stacking dodge or parry, I wouldn't look specifically at those, most people just get what they get with gear upgrades (although at your current gear adding dodge instead of parry is the best options right now, if you go down that road).

I would submit that unless you have some specific problems (Threat, survivability or don't know what gear to go after next), keep doing what you are doing.

09-10-2009, 07:02 AM
The Expertise hard cap for us is 56 but you won't get there without gimping yourself elsewhere so don't worry about it. Pick up Glyph of Seal of Vengeance for a free +10 Expertise Skill.

As for your gearing priorities, it depends largely on what you're tanking. For Naxxramas, go for avoidance and just enough Block Rating to get to 102.4% with raid buffs (102.4% is Miss + Miss from Defense + Dodge + Parry + Block + Holy Shield - use an addon like Tankadin2 to calculate it easily as the character sheet is a bit wonky with Miss). Being at 102.4% ("block capped" or "unhittable") in Naxx can help greatly, as many of the mobs hit light and fast, meaning you mitigate tons of their damage.

For Ulduar and beyond, you want to switch away from Block almost entirely - start stacking Effective Health (Stamina and Armor) as a priority with Dodge, Parry and Defense Rating your only real concern after that. Ignore Block Rating if you have better EH or avoidance pieces available to you.

Don't worry too much about being Hit or Expertise capped. Let it come from your gear and carry some Glyph of Righteous Defense in your bag for fights where it's essential that your taunt lands (though you have two taunts, so arguably there's no fight where the glyph is needed...)

If I were you I'd drop Glyph of Shield of Righteousness in favour of Glyph of Seal of Vengeance. Glyph of Hammer of the Rigteous is good for when you're picking up a group of mobs (so excellent for Naxx trash, plus bosses like Gothik) but gives you no benefit on single-target boss tanking. In Ulduar, I'd personally go for Glyph of Judgement for threat, Glyph of Salvation for a mitigation cooldown (be very careful when you use it, and probably only on certain fights) or Glyph of Righteous Defense to make sure your taunts don't miss (useful on Thorim, Gordok, Koralon-25, etc). You might also want to pick up the Minor Glyph of Lay on Hands to reduce the cooldown on your extra life button.

Finally your spec - you really don't need 4/5 Divine Intellect as you have enough abilities to grant you infinite mana when tanking a boss anyway and the +Int won't stop you going OOM in stuff you massively outgear. Learn to love strudels if you enjoy going back and running The Eye or whatever.

I don't personally like 5/5 SotP builds myself, but regardless you're missing 2/2 Judgements of the Just (which isn't really optional as the melee attack speed mitigation works on bosses, making it one of your strongest mitigation talents). I personally like going down into the Ret tree to pick up Vindication as well, so you can ensure a Demo Shout-esque effect is always up on your target - paired with 2/2 JotJ that's a big chuck of your incoming damage being nullified with no GCD or button push required from you. 2/2 Improved Judgements offers no real benefit over 1/2 as your rotation uses Judgement every 9 seconds anyway. Finally you only need 1/2 Spiritual Attunement as you should get enough mana back from that and BoSanc.

This is the spec I use (which sums up most of what I've said above): 0/53/18 (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sZV0tAbuMusIufdtsMobc)

09-10-2009, 09:35 AM
ok tyvm for the help, keep posting if anyone else has some more suggestions. Mert i am gonna try the spec you linked and use the glyphs you said also, thank you all very much.