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09-09-2009, 04:51 AM
Guild Name: Ivory
Faction: Alliance
Realm (EU): Bronze Dragonflight
Realm Type: PVE
Realm Time zone: GMT+1
Progress: Naxx10man, Sath10man+Drakes,Malygos,Naxx25man,Ud10man up to Mim.
Raid Times: 19:30 GMT+1 to 22.30 (Longer if all can and have the will)
Raid Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday with possible weekends if we got people for it.

(Ivory only focus on 10man hard modes, We want a small guild that enjoy the 10man raiding content)
Why us?

Ivory is an adult raiding guild built on a group of good friends and family, We value your social ability’s in front of your gear as it can be improved, We try to keep it as mature as we can but with a big touch of laughs’ within the the raids to keep it on a human level.
We always put focus in our progress raids and with a small team of only 10 active players we can gear each class very fast and smooth to get the best out of every one. We need to reinforce our team due some irl issues for some people. This is what we need atm,

1 Off Tank (DK or Druid)
1 Mage
1 Warlock
1 Rouge
10 Mans:
Ulduar - 9/14
Naxxramas - Cleared
Obsidian Sanctum - Cleared with drakes
Eye of Eternity - Cleared
Vault of Archivon – Say no more.

Trial of the Crusader:
Beasts of Northrend: All focus is still in UD to gear up,
Lord Jaraxxus: All focus is still in UD to gear up,

25 Mans:
Been there done that, WE have no interested in 25mans=)

Some basic information.
We are not going to promise you anything like other guilds some times do with loot etc.
We see that you show us your skills and social ability’s and with time takes a spot in our 10man force.
We want to see you sign up in the calendar and attend to what u can or inform GM / RL if u can’t.
Ventrilo is being used in each and every raid (No ventrilo no raiding)

Looting is sorted by a loot council of 3 players.
When we judge we look at performance, upg for you, Upg for raid progress.
WE always try to be as fair as we can to keep the team’s item level as equal as we can.
Ofc we do try to put the healers and tanks in a more prioritized position as it should be.
So far all been happy with the decisions that’s been taken by the loot council.

We gladly see that you have reached some higher age or being able to show your self mature and being able to take criticism in a constructive way.

Pleas if interested contact us ingame.
Following names; Valvét or Elvispriestl and Heavenshere

http://www.ivory.guildomatic.com (http://www.ivory.guildomatic.com/)