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09-09-2009, 12:23 AM
Profanity is new progressing guild on Talnivarr, we are a young and dynamic guild who focus mainly on PvE tho we encourage people to PVP aswell.

Recruitment status
¤ Holy Priests
¤ Discipline Priests
¤ Shadow Priests
¤ Restoration Druid
¤ Feral Druid "Tank" and "DPS"
¤ Balance Druids
¤ Warlocks
¤ Mages
¤ Death Knights "Tank" and "DPS"
¤ Restoration Shamans
¤ Enhancement Shamans
¤ Elemental Shamans
¤ Retribution Paladins
¤ Holy Paladins
¤ Rogue
¤ Hunters
What are we looking for?
We ask that the person that applies fit the following profile.

- Mature. This has nothing to do with the actual age as well as how people behave. We will try to make the guild a pleasant place to be in, as such we don't approve of immature behaviour of any kind to ruin the atmosphere
- Reputation. Much like the point above; we are a new guild, and have no reputation yet. As a member of Profanity your actions reflect upon how people look towards the guild
- Social. We can not force this of course, but we would like to see people being more then just raid loggers and more trying to form a community

- Good understanding of his/her class. What stats are important, what is the best DPS/TPS rotation, etc?
- Aware of your surroundings in raids. Don't talk to Thrall and don't stand in fires. The usual staying alive, don't get anyone killed idea.
- Active. We have 3 raiding days a week, would like to see people be able to attend most of them, at least 2.
- Preparation. Is your gear properly gemmed/enchanted? Do you bring consumables, read up on the PvE encounters, etc?

If you are intrested in Profanity feel free to contact any of the officers in game or Visit our website at:
Profanity of Talnivarr (http://profanity.guildomatic.com/)

// The Leadership,

Bokmärke, Clubbpuffen, Croz, Hellsbow and Xratimul