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09-08-2009, 09:31 AM
About Us
<Crits> is a casual weekend raiding guild focused on progressing through all WotLK content, including Hard Modes and Achievements. Although our guild's raid schedule is lighter than most (only 8 hours of progression raiding per week!), our raids are focused and we keep up with many guilds who raid two or three times as much. Our members are predominantly working professionals, university students, overseas government or military employees, etc. Ventrilo is often rowdy when we're clearing trash and then it becomes quite serious when we're killing bosses.

Raiding Schedule
Our progression raids are held on Friday and Saturday nights. Invites go out at 930 pm sharp, first pull is by 945 pm server and we raid until roughly 2 am. We do schedule and run other raids throughout the week but attendance on other nights is optional. We have moved to a Loot Council distribution system and our preliminary trial period is four progression raids (roughly two weeks). After the trial period, you will still be under review for a period of time.

Current Progression
Currently our progression is 13/14 in Ulduar25 (Yogg-Saron down, working on Hard Modes with FL+4, XT-002 and Assembly of Iron/Steelbreaker completed). In Ulduar10, we have cleared 13/14 as well, completed all Hard Modes/Achievements for Glory of the Ulduar Raider (FL+4, XT-002, Assembly of Iron/Steelbreaker, Hodir, Thorim, Freya+3, Mimiron, General Vezax and Yogg One Light) and are now working on Algalon. With the release of Patch 3.2, we've also jumped right into ToC (5/5 down in both 10 and 25) and will be working on Achievements and clearing the Heroic versions.

Core Openings
The following classes and specs are preferred at this time but all exceptional players are encouraged to apply on our website. Occasional changes in the roster creates vacancies and our members are competent with multiple specs and can adjust for an exceptional candidate.

***For dps, we are looking for 6k+ fully raid buffed on a stationary target (think Patchwerk). If you cannot perform at that level, you will *not* be competitive.***

Death Knight: DPS [1]
Druid: Balance [1]
Hunter: Open
Mage: Flexible [1]
Paladin: Holy [1]
Priest: Shadow [1]; Discipline [1]
Rogue: Flexible [1]
Shaman: Elemental [1]; Enhancement [1]
Warlock: Flexible [1]
Warrior: Closed For Now

General Expectations:
If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re looking for the following:

1. High and consistent attendance record.

2. Ability to take criticism. It's not personal.
3. Situational awareness. If it had weight, it would be worth it in gold.
4. Ability to research your class and boss encounters independently.
5. Sense of humor. You're going to spend at least eight hours a week with us.
6. Ventrilo. A microphone is highly recommended.
7. Appropriate gear (we're looking for 226+). Dual spec is highly recommended.
8. Proper gear enhancements (epic gems, exalted glyphs, top shelf enchants, etc.).
9. Flasks and sufficient funds to repair your own gear.
10. Raid Addons (DBM, Omen, Healbot or Clique/Grid, PallyPower, etc.).
Contact Us
For the latest news or to apply to our guild, please visit:

[H] Show Us Your Crits - Mal'Ganis (US-PVP) - WowStead (http://showusyourcrits.wowstead.com)

If you have any questions, contact Majestique in game.