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<The Unholy Legion> of Kalecgos (PVP-Pacific) is Recruiting for Ulduar Hard Modes and Trial of the Crusader Heroics.

The Unholy Legion originated on Tichondrius in November 2004 on the very first day of WoW and transferred to Kalecgos in November of 2005. Since then, we have maintained a status for being one of the top tier raiding guilds on the server.

Wrath Progression: We are currently ranked #1 horde side, and #2 overall on the server.
25 Man
Trial of the Crusader - Cleared on Normal. Pushing Heroics this week.
Ulduar - 13/14 Easy Modes Down. 5/9 Hard Modes - 4Towers, XT, Iron Council, Hodir, General Vezax. Working on Thorim.
Naxx/OS/Maly - All Clear Including 3Drakes.

10 Man
Trial of the Crusader - Cleared Normal. 10 Heroic Groups Starting this Week.
Ulduar - 13/14 Easy Modes. 9/9 Hard Modes Rusted Drakes Complete.
Naxx/OS/Maly - All Clear. We run a 3D Mount Farming group every week.

Karazan - Sunwell Cleared. Including KJ.
MC-AQ&Naxx Cleared up to Gluth Including C'thun.

We are looking for:
1-Geared Prot Warrior with the ability to transition into a MT role.
1-Feral Tank to fill an OT/dps role.

These are Immediate Openings. We will also consider any and all exceptional apps.

You can apply at The Unholy Legion - Online Application (http://www.unholylegion.dkpsystem.com/app.php)

Attendance - We ask that all raiders maintain at least 90% raid attendance, as we only raid 3 days a week.

Gear - We ask that all apps be at least on an Ulduar 25 Gear Level. We expect gear to be properly gemmed, enchanted and itemized. Having a good offspec set is also a major plus.

Personality - Outside of raids, We pvp, level alts, and just mess around. We're looking for out going people who take raiding seriously, yet still enjoy other aspects of the game.

Raid times:
Tuesday: 6-10pm PST
Wednesday: 6-10pm PST
Thursday: 6-10pm PST
Friday: Non-Mandatory Raid Night: Naxx 25 Alt Run
Saturday: Non-Mandatory OS10 3D Mount Run
Sunday: Non-Mandatory Ulduar 10 Hard Modes for Rusted Drakes
Monday: Non-Mandatory Ulduar 10 Hard Modes for Rusted Drakes

Any questions, feel free to contact: Christendom or Heigan on Kalecgos and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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bump. still looking