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Who Is Trial By Fire?

Trial By Fire (TBF) is a 10 man raiding guild focused on making the most out of a limited raid schedule that interferes with Real Life as little as possible. We enjoy the tight knit group that 10 man offers with limited administration and other types of drama. Outside of raiding we encourage everyone to get involved and feel at home, Non-raid groups and Ventrilo are used to that effect. If you want to know more about our origins and where we are looking to go check out TBF-Guild.com (http://tbf-guild.com), head to the forums and check out "About Trial By Fire.

Who We Are Looking For?

TBF is looking for dedicated, mature, knowledgeable and active members. We are obsessive about our characters and look for players like us, the players that always do better than those with better gear through skill. Our raiders are people that love the challenge of raiding and the group camaraderie but have real lives. They have the dedication and skill required to raid on the bleeding edge but have never found the time in their schedules to commit the umpteen hours required. So if you are tired of the countless hours of raiding and want to continue challenging yourself in a place where your every waking moment isn't demanded we might just be for you.

When Do We Raid?

We raid Nine Hours a week:
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 8pm Server to 11pm Server (6pm-9pm PST)

Current Progression?

9/14 Ulduar

What Classes/Specs Are We Looking For?

Below is our specific needs for the raiding team at this time. We will consider all applicants though despite need if you are merely looking for a guild to become a part of and you fit our culture. Exceptional applicants may find raiding opportunities regardless of need. For those interested in progression raiding with us, we are looking for characters that have appropriate gear and are ready to hit the ground running as an effective member of our team.

TANKING - Currently we are in need of one to two more tanks of any class. Sunday availability is a must.

HEALING - Currently we are in need of one to two healers.

DPS - DPS is in good shape at the moment though one good ranged DPS would be helpful.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying to Trial By Fire simply follow this link TBF Recruitment (http://tbf-guild.com/recruit). If you have any questions feel free to pop onto the server and look up one of our members, any one of them can direct you to an Officer that can help you.

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