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09-07-2009, 02:04 AM

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Welcome back to the Crusader’s Coliseum raid guide! I am Splug, and in this video I'll be going over our strategy for the heroic difficulty of the Faction Champions encounter. If you'd like more information or would like to learn more about downloading this movie, click "more info" on the movie information box on YouTube to head directly to TankSpot! Also, be sure to subscribe by clicking the Subscribe button to the right so you will be automatically notified as we release movies.
We initiate the fight by capturing as many of the NPC’s in Hungering Cold as possible. While this does very little to actually slow them down, it does trigger the AI to burn just about every one of their pvp trinket cooldowns, which makes them more susceptible to other forms of control.

This encounter is very similar to its non-heroic counterpart. No new mechanics are introduced. The opposing team is now immune to fixate effects such as taunt or dark command, and their individual health and damage are increased. All other mechanics and abilities remain constant.

Our strategy revolves around a one-to-one control plan. Most of the NPC’s have a specific player assigned to control them as best they can. The remaining raid members form the assist train responsible for actually completing the encounter. Particularly, the rogue, warrior, and healers will cause significant problems if allowed to move about freely. For this pull, we assigned a death knight each to chain down the rogue and warrior, a rogue to each of the paladin and holy priest, and three mages to rotate counterspells on the opposing shadow priest and mage. We also had a moonkin assigned to cycloning the opposing deathknight when convenient.

Our damage order involved reducing the healers first, then removing the core melee damage- the rogue and warrior- and finally burning the casters down in an arbitrary order. The pets were quickly removed shortly after the shaman and totems. Once the healers and melee are dead, the fight becomes a matter of simply cleaning up the remainder one target at a time. Due to the length of time involved in working through the opposing team with several of our own damage down, several repetitive sections in the back half of the encounter will be omitted from the video.

As mentioned, the rogue and warrior form the largest part of the incoming burst damage. While the enemy casters can provide a fair amount of throughput damage and control, the rogue is capable of killing a mage in a second or two. The players assigned to controlling these two melee will need to be ready to call out their target’s target, as the rogue will be occasionally using cloak of shadows or shadow step, or have the paladin use cleanse or freedom. Whoever the melee are pursuing needs to be very aware of their position and move quickly to kite if the rogue suddenly closes distance.

From this point on, the encounter is very stable. While the encounter can hectic – especially initially - the majority of it does come down to these simple guidelines: keep their melee under control, prevent the heals, and if the rogue or warrior come running at you, run the other way. Break-on-damage control effects such as polymorph or repentance are largely limited by the chaotic nature of the fight encouraging fan of knives interrupts, as well as their susceptibility to dispel magic. Snares, stuns, and interrupts will prove to be the strongest forms of control.

Thanks for watching this movie! As per usual, feel free to ask questions or add suggestions either on YouTube or in the strategy thread on TankSpot.com. Also, TankSpot Donors can download all of these movies in High Definition directly from our servers -- click the second link in the movie information box to learn more!

09-07-2009, 05:57 PM
Controlling the enemy dps proved to be as important as controlling the healers on heroic for my raid tonight. The rogue was a real PITA rapidly killing our clothies. No healing is sufficient to counter the burst, especially if other uncontrolled enemy dps classes focus on the same target, as they usually do. We later tried killing the rogue fast while we kept one healer CCed to minimize his carnage time, but it didn't work out well. We kept losing too many raid members to win the fight.

I noticed pets were given a rather high priority in the kill order by the Tankspot strategy. Are they really that dangerous? Just like in real PvP, pets are tauntable, so I just had them beat on me for some very welcomed rage.

09-08-2009, 08:16 PM
The felhunter has a spell lock, and thus is a concern from a perspective of random annoyance potential. The cat has 300k health, and thus is very easy to remove from the encounter. It wasn't so much that they were major problems as they were readily available low-hanging fruit. The big four that the raid needs to be concerned about are the three healers and the rogue.


09-09-2009, 08:17 AM
What the addon in the video which is spamming in party or raid chat about CC/Clodowns used on the mobs? Doesn't look like DBM or I just have an old copy?

09-09-2009, 02:40 PM
What the addon in the video which is spamming in party or raid chat about CC/Clodowns used on the mobs? Doesn't look like DBM or I just have an old copy?The party messages are interrupt notifications, I think most of the guild uses Afflicted for that, but I understand there are multiple class-specific mods that do it as well. The CC-break notifications are Big Brother.


09-22-2009, 01:04 AM
For some odd reason we managed to 1 shot the 10man hard mode version.
Even in the 10man, the rogue hits suprizingly hard. Even after taking down 2 targets and a pet, he still managed to dropped one of our healers.

Making "/target /cast" marcros put us over the top for things like sheeps and fears.

The pet was our second target so i didn't notice, but does anyone know if the pets are tauntable?

09-22-2009, 09:58 AM
The pets can be taunted, but they will reset threat to a random target shortly after the taunt.


09-28-2009, 09:06 AM
My guild took our first look at the 10-man heroic version the other night. We ran out of time in our raid, but for the time we spent, we noticed a pattern. We seemed to be able to control the fight pretty well while we burned down the first healer. However, as soon as that healer went down, it was like all of the other mobs reacted and instantly started focus-firing targets, burning down two or three people in a very short span. We tried different combinations of control/zerg, but couldn't find a successful mix where we could keep the fight under control but still bring targets down.

While I think we can do a better job overall next time we try, I was wondering as a starting point - does anyone have any insight into what a good mix of control vs. focus might be for the 10-man?

09-28-2009, 10:57 AM
Im curious to find out if anyone has gotten this achievment? is there a simple way to do this? my guild has tried to aoe them all down at once but that caused major damage to the whole raid. We tried assigning one person to each mob that that worked out even worse. getting them all down within 60 seconds of each other has proved to be more challenging than we had originally thought. any tips?

09-28-2009, 10:59 AM
The npc's will always fixate on one target. The target is random, but them all picking the same player is not. You'll want everyone to put one of them on focus, and if your name shows up in the focus-target list, just drop everything and start kiting the melee. The ranged damage is quite healable, the melee is not.

More than likely, the delay you see while killing the first healer is travel time while the rest of them get to the raid. The ADD target changes result in them taking a while to actually make it into range of their targets, especially with snare and control effects going.

Oh- we deprioritized the pets a bit more than I originally had in the video. They're really a non-issue, and while low-hanging fruit, aren't worth killing before the melee. Getting the fight down to one healer and carving out the melee NPC's should be your highest priority.


09-28-2009, 03:04 PM
This night i was as war tank and i had all mobs on me for a lot of time...


It is normal or i had luck?

10-06-2009, 03:25 PM
This night i was as war tank and i had all mobs on me for a lot of time...
It is normal or i had luck?

That also happened to us, on some trys i got agro of almost every boss, but at irregular intervals.

I got three possible theories:

1- Some bosses (hunter mage warrior and rogue) focus the player with least % life.
2- Because it was me who pulled, there could be some bug to make them focus me over other people.
3- Luck? God exists?

Log: Try 4 (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ZFDqyTjrpnghRbyQ/sum/damageTaken/?s=2915&e=3182), 14 (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ZFDqyTjrpnghRbyQ/sum/damageTaken/?s=7365&e=7706) and 18 (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ZFDqyTjrpnghRbyQ/sum/damageTaken/?s=9594&e=9821)

10-09-2009, 12:18 AM
Im curious to find out if anyone has gotten this achievment? is there a simple way to do this? my guild has tried to aoe them all down at once but that caused major damage to the whole raid. We tried assigning one person to each mob that that worked out even worse. getting them all down within 60 seconds of each other has proved to be more challenging than we had originally thought. any tips?

your first mistake is AOE, if you look at their buffs, AoE does 75% less dmg to them for the whole fight.

10-09-2009, 12:19 AM
That also happened to us, on some trys i got agro of almost every boss, but at irregular intervals.

I got three possible theories:

1- Some bosses (hunter mage warrior and rogue) focus the player with least % life.
2- Because it was me who pulled, there could be some bug to make them focus me over other people.
3- Luck? God exists?

Log: Try 4 (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ZFDqyTjrpnghRbyQ/sum/damageTaken/?s=2915&e=3182), 14 (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ZFDqyTjrpnghRbyQ/sum/damageTaken/?s=7365&e=7706) and 18 (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ZFDqyTjrpnghRbyQ/sum/damageTaken/?s=9594&e=9821)

they tend to focus someone once someone gets below 80% health.

10-10-2009, 09:48 AM
When my group did this heroic on 10 I went arms spec but with a one hander + shield. I love that mix of mortal strike and having shield bash.

Anyway, not sure if it's a bug or what but I was disarmed during one pull and my sword, shield, and gun were transferred into my bag! Good thing I had space!

This happen to anyone else?

10-13-2009, 05:41 PM
What addon are you using Splug for your minimap. It seems like a blue circle rotating in the map with an aura circling the outside.
Very impressive....please share the details with me.

10-13-2009, 06:17 PM
What addon are you using Splug for your minimap. It seems like a blue circle rotating in the map with an aura circling the outside.
Very impressive....please share the details with me.


Plenty of add-on threads to find that easy answer! :P

10-14-2009, 11:20 AM
Yeah, the minimap mod is Sexymap. I don't use it for anything other than looking cool, but it's good for that.

Just to throw a few things out after grinding this fight for a few more weeks (rather than just putting the video up the first week hard mode was open):

* Keeping the encounter under control largely hinges on locking down the melee. The bulk of the other team's damage comes from these guys catching up to someone and just shutting them down in a GCD.

* Death Knights are excellent for locking down the warrior, death knight, or enhancement shaman. Protection warriors are well-suited to the rogue (who is often immune to chains of ice due to cloak, and cannot be death gripped in response as that's needed for shadowstep) and retribution paladin, and otherwise almost as good as deathknights on the other three.

* If the melee are under control, the next goal is to keep cleanses going. The shadow priest and warlock can do a lot of damage if allowed to stack DoT's up, but removing them is a fairly simple matter.

* We've found a kill order of two healers -> two or three melee -> other healer -> other melee -> pets & ranged damage to be the most effective. With all three healers sneaking casts and buffs between interrupts and control, it takes so long to bring down the melee that it's almost as fast to just outright focus burn the healers first. (In a 10-man raid, "other melee" and "other healers" don't exist any more... so skip straight to burning the two ranged.)

* Out of the healers, we prioritize killing the shaman -> priest -> druid -> paladin. In any given run, three out of the four will be present in 25 and two out of the four in 10.


10-15-2009, 01:33 PM
I recently respec'd my prot warrior for this encounter because we are working on insanity in our 10m.

I took the talent No-one EVER takes... Safeguard. AND DAMN IS IT OVER POWERED!
I also took piercing howl, imp. spell reflect, imp. disarm, and Tactical Mastery.

One common mechanic I see over and over again in Faction Champions is the "DPS FOCUS". The Faction Champion DPS will simultaneously refocus their aggro on a single player in your raid and try to burst them to death. (they pick a target at ~<80% health

To counter this effect, I write a focus intervene macro. Then I focus the rogue or warrior. Make sure your Focus' target is visible on your raid frames. Whenever they switch targets I do my best to intervene, drastically lowering the damage my raid member takes. The rest of the time I kite the warrior / rogue around with piercing howl, spamming spell reflect every chance I get. Oh, I also disarm our current burn target for the 20% extra damage taken.

Last week I intervened 22 times, spell reflected 108 spells, and cast piercing howl over 150 times on heroic 25m.

Further we assign our healers with really good burst HPS (disc. priests, paladins) to heal the target of a specific faction champion using a mouseover macro. Usually the rogue or warrior.

We always burn a healer, then all the dps. We stun lock one healer, and let the 3rd run around (usually the druid is free or banish / feared the whole time. Warlocks pwn tree druids.). We use alternating CC's on a few of the more dangerous DPS.

99.9% of this fight is kiting, if you are being attacked you have to run-away; snare, cc, or whatever else is required to give you a gap, and start kiting.

10-20-2009, 05:33 PM
We had our go at the Faction Champs tonight in our 10m HC run.
Our setup:
Healers: Druid, Shammy, Holy Priest
DPS: Feral War (PvP Spec, PvE gear) 2xDK's, Hunter, Warlock, 2xRet Pallies.
and yes, we didnt have any tanks, our War and Pally tanks respecced to dps for this.

Boss setup:
Holy Pala, Druid Healer, Shadow Priest, Hunter (with cat pet), DK, Enh Shammy.

What we tried:
Nuke Pally healer -> Druid -> Shammy -> DK -> clean up.
That failed
Tried two more tries nuking either Pally or Druid healers down first, but the Shammy, DK and combined with the SP's MF just nuked our clothies down in no time.
Then we decided on a different tactic:
Nuke -> Shammy -> DK -> SP -> Hunter -> pet -> Druid -> Pally.
Prot War on druid interrupt, 1xPally keeping the DK busy and shouting when he changes target. 1xDK on the Pally healer trying to keep him from healing.
I (Holy Priest) was on mass dispell for shields and BL. Druid was on banish of their druid when it was possible to let or warrior get some more dps in on the kill target.
On the first try, we got the shammy down, but then we got downed.
Second try went much better and we downed them all.

The reason why we went with this tactic is that we saw that the melee are killing our clothies way too fast, specially when they all target one. So we decided that because the melee's hp is the same as the healers, we might as well get their dps down first and then do the clean up, which meant better survivability for us.
This worked out well for us and we will test it out on future runs with the other class that can be part of the opposition.

10-26-2009, 03:25 AM
Just trying to uncover a bit more on the mechanics of this fight.

I've searched throughout the interwebs for any documentation on this, but are the champions known to have PC level stats - mainly in regards to avoidance?

So whereas normal PvE raid bosses have a certain hit cap for example, do the champions -specifically the melee have higher levels of avoidance?

I ask because on our recent attempts our melee have been reporting a large amount of miss, parry and dodge, while being generally at the usual hit/exp cap (aside from hard expertise capped for dodges).

Also, resistances; are we to assume that as it is a PvP style encounter the champs will have a specific amount of resistance. For example a paladin giving a shadow/fire aura, albeit hidden.

10-26-2009, 08:00 AM
We downed the 10 man Faction Champions (Hard mode) for the first time last night using the following raid set-up:

Resto Shamam (me)
Disc Priest
Holy Paladin
PVP Destro Specced Lock
Ele Shaman
Assassination Rogue
Unholy Dk (dps)
Fury warrior
Feral Dps

We were up against:

Resto Druid
Disc Priest
Enh Shaman

We had reached this boss encounter for the first time last week and hadn't managed to make any real progress, mainly (I believe) because we had no lock in the raid to deal with the resto druid and therefore we had tried to burn down the druid at the start (without any Mortal Strike debuff). We found we were losing people almost straight away to the rogue, especially if one of the ranged was on the rogues target also.

This week we switched a raider onto his alt lock which he respecced pvp-destro. He was able to pretty much take the resto druid out of the picture (The druid managed a measly 3k HPS and was the last kill). The fury warrior was on the priest the whole fight interrupting etc. and our boomkin was cycloning / rooting the rogue.

Our first kill was the enh shaman who we burned with heroism, the second kill was the rogue and then having removed the melee dps the fight was pretty much over. Our disc priest was spamming Mass dispel a fair amount of the time to keep HoTs off the nuke target as well as cleansing other debuffs on them and us, this seems a much more effective method than purge spam by a shaman as it cleanses the nuke target of HoTs but also dispels a myriad of other debuffs / buffs from both us and the enemy.

If you are facing a resto-druid I would strongly recommend taking a lock as it pretty much changes the fight from 10 v 6 to 9 v 5. Put a rogue or a warrior on the second healer and you are down to 8 v 4 and those odds look a whole lot better.

Any shaman you have in your raid should be dropping grounding totem every cd, as whatever it absorbs will be worth the gcd it costs and earthbind totems also help until you have cleared up the melee dps. Whilst the enemy healers are being largely neutralized a Mortal Strike debuff on the nuke target should be maintained if at all possible and if the enemy team has a shaman the totems should be stomped asap. I found it quite easy to just run round meleeing the totems as a healer as it doesnt really interfere with the decursing/cleansing that i was spending most of my time doing.

Another thing that should be made clear to the raid members is that each players priority is to stay alive, they can't expect to be healed through damage and should use any cc abilities they have to help keep themselves alive, unlike on normal mode when you see a melee dps running towards you, you can not expect a tank to taunt it away and you should either cc it, or more probably run away.

10-26-2009, 11:51 AM
Somethings have been said but I will pop some of the most useful tips for heroic FC there is alive, and if you can't down it using some or hopefully all of these strats, I'm not sure you can.

Get DK'S!
Get your DK's to spec into HC + Glyph.
Have Prot warriors do the patented - safeguard+PC+imp spellreflect
Have mages go frost (this is about survival not a dps race)
If you have SMEXY pallies, have them be prot/holy, they will not be considered healers and therefor will have alot better time actually dispelling/healing.

It will take almost if not more then a minute to kill the first target, prepare for a long fight of drawn out survival.

Assign people to every mob to CC.
Assign a healer to target of target heal off of each melee.

And the last, but one of the best.
Assign 1 dps with a MS effect to constantly attack a pet, this will draw heals to the pet and away from the npcs.


10-29-2009, 06:26 PM
our time is hard in FC we down it last time but this time the setup was

They are
resto Shaman
priest disc
boomkan druid

we are
paladin holy
enhn shaman
druid resto
dk blood
priest disc
reti pala

we always wipe
at this stratge

Kill priest-shaman-warlock-others get cc
kill paladin-rogue others CC
kill shaman-priest others CC

What should we do any advice

11-03-2009, 11:08 AM
Splug whats the frames in the top left hand coner used for in the fight?

11-03-2009, 12:37 PM
Splug whats the frames in the top left hand coner used for in the fight?Those are the assist and tank targets. Really, for that video we didn't give them much dedicated purpose beyond the fact that everyone should have been on the same target Stingray was. However, anyone with assist's target's targets showing would be able to see who was getting focus-fired. We started using that tactic later, and calling out the focus victim to give them some time to run. Using multiple players who are all controlling different targets reduces the chance of calling the wrong player if one or two of the NPC's break off the main target, which they will do while rooted (where the standard AI will cause the highest-threat target in melee to be targeted instead).


11-18-2009, 06:31 AM
This thread is a good source for trying to master the fight. I compiled a breakdown for my guild, but hopefully it is useful to more people. Feel free to comment or add.

List of abbreviations

AoE = Area of Effect
AotD = Army of the Dead
AS = Aimed Shot
CC = Crowd Control
CoE = Curse of Exhaustion
CoI = Chains of Ice
CS = CounterSpell
DG = Death Grip
ER = Entangling Roots
ET = Earthbind Totem
GCD = Global CoolDown
GT = Grounding Totem
HC = Hungering Cold
HoT = Howl of Terror
IS = Intimidating Shout
MD = Mass Dispel
MS = Mortal Strike
NG = Nature's Grasp
PS = Psychic Scream
SF = ShadowFury
TT = Tremor Totem
WP = Wound Poison

When 'burn target' is mentioned, it means the boss currently needing to die. When 'prio duty' is mentioned, it means the role a class should fill preferably. [1] Should be the preferred duty unless there is a surplus of players with the same duty, or a lack of another duty.

Burn order
The order in which the bosses need to be taken down is very dependent on raid setup and player experience. If there are able lockdowners in the raid, the order should be Melee > Ranged > Healers. If the raid struggles with that, Healers > Melee > Ranged is preferable. Experiment with different approaches. For instance, if you have one or two warlocks and/or druid(s), you can keep the resto druid boss pretty much out of the fight by banishing and/or cycloning it. With someone else locking down the other healer, you should try taking out the melee first.

Things to be aware of

Survival has priority. Do not stand still if a melee dps closes in on you. Do not finish casts but run away immediately. Snare or CC the chasing boss if you are able to.
The burn target must have a MS, AS or WP healing debuff on it as long as possible. This makes a warrior, rogue or hunter presence close to mandatory.
AoE is doing 75% less damage against these bosses, it is best to avoid it. This fight is all about taking down one boss at a time anyway.
Ranged dps and healers should spread out in order to be better able to see if melee dps comes for you.
Lockdown abilities like CC and snaring generally only work for 3 seconds. Diminishing returns is 15 seconds, so having raid members alternate targets is a useful tactic if they can coordinate.
Taunting does NOT work at all in Grand Crusader, as opposed to normal Crusader.
Pets can be taunted, if only shortly for the same 3 seconds described above. If they receive damage, boss healers will try to heal the pet as well. It might take away healing from other bosses like the burn target.
Equip a pvp trinket (like Medallion of the Alliance) that removes lockdown debuffs.

Boss specifics

Restoration druid boss can be kept in check by a warlock (banish + fear), support from a druid's Cyclone is a good addition.
Rogue boss should be the first melee to die. Can 1/2-shot cloth wearers and has less armor.
Shaman boss totems need to go down asap. Raiders on debuff/buff removal and healing duties can do this with melee weapons.
Warlock boss will cast Hellfire AoE if 2+ raidmembers are in range. Move away or interrupt.

Class breakdown

Death knight
Good for interrupting healers or locking down enh shaman, warrior and death knight bosses. Avoid trying to lock down rogue and retri paladin. CoI and DG fail a lot due to rogue boss cloak ability and paladin boss cleansing/bubble. HC is useful for rushing in at the start of the fight and ice blocking all. Even if it does not hold, it is likely to have forced the bosses to use their pvp trinket. AotD should be used at the start to help dps the burn target.
Prio duty: [1] lock down melee, [2] lock down healer, [3] dps on burn target

Good for lockdown (Cyclone, ER) and debuff removal. Do not forget NG if a melee dps is chasing you.
Prio duty: [1]dps on burn target OR debuff removal + heal raid, [2] lock down melee and/or healer boss

Good for AS debuff and lockdown abilities. Help with keeping melee dps bosses off cloth by using frost traps, concussion shot and wing clip. Freezing trap is less useful because of all the random (AoE) damage.
Prio duty: [1] dps on burn target (AS!), [2] lock down melee

Preferably use Frost spec for lockdown and defensive abilities. Use CS on the burn target when possible. Polymorph is less useful because of all the random (AoE) damage.
Prio duty: [1] dps on burn target, [2] lock down melee

Should go protection or retribution while on debuff/buff removal duty, they will not be considered healers and have less chance of being targeted. Use HoP and HoJ for emergencies.
Prio duty: [1] debuff/buff removal + heal raid, [2] dps on burn target

Unmatched debuff/buff removal abilities. Discipline spec is excellent due to quick boss target save abilities such as PW:S and Penance, plus near-insta MD. PS should be used when too many bosses reach their target.
Prio duty: [1] debuff/buff removal + heal raid, [2] dps on burn target OR heal

Should use heroism at the start of the fight. Using GT every time it is off its cooldown is worthwhile, as is ET for lockdown. TT might be useful if Fear is a problem. Purge and ES are useful for buff removal and interrupt.
Prio duty: [1] buff removal and interrupt healer, [2] buff removal and dps on burn target OR buff removal on burn target + heal raid

Excellent for locking down healers. If no warriors and hunters are present, should be on the burn target to keep WP up.
Prio duty: [1] lock down healer, [2] dps on burn target (WP!), [3] lock down melee

Good for lockdown using Fear and Banish (when resto druid boss is present). SF, when specced for it, is also a great help, as is CoE. HoT should be used when too many bosses reach their target.
Prio duty: [1] lock down restoration druid boss, [2] dps on burn target

Being MS specced is a pre, having improved MS is even better for keeping it up on the burn target. Also good for interrupting healers or snaring melee dps. If there is also a death knight in the raid, the lockdown target should be rogue or paladin boss (see Death Knight entry). Being MS specced and shield equipped is good when on those duties. IS is a good fight opener, allowing raidmembers to focus more on the burn target for a few seconds. It can be used later on in the fight when too many bosses reach their target.
Prio duty: [1] dps on burn target (MS!), [2] lock down melee, [3] lock down healer

11-18-2009, 07:15 AM
It may strictly be a coincidence but we've noticed that the first target to engage the encounter is usually the one that the mobs consistently turn back to. Knowing this, we have a Tank dk build up runic power and run in and blow his global ice block. This causes all the mobs to blow their trinket affect and then target the dk first. Heavy heal rotations start on the dk and everyone breaks down and starts dealing with their own responsibilities. It's made things fairly manageable for us.

11-26-2009, 04:27 PM
May I ask what kind of setup you were using?

11-27-2009, 12:55 AM
Resto druid on the opposing team is a nonentity if you haven an offensive dispeller (we prefer to use shammy purges). Burn target is spampurged and even 50% interrupts on the other healer should get you your first kill easily (i'm talking 10man).

Pets reset aggro very quickly but yes they can be taunted. I would actually suggest NOT killing them as they seem to be priority healing targets and can be used to waste healing time from the healers. taunt, smack a few times & they'll get a full set of hots :)

11-29-2009, 01:27 PM
May I ask what kind of setup you were using?

11-30-2009, 08:43 AM
My raiding 10-man had out first successful completion of ToGC over the weekend. We had a little trouble with the FC since we had the rogue and Moonkin for the first time. Used a DK MT and Pally OT along with DPS DK for AoD. FC seems like allot of running around blindly, but as is said above it is about survivability. We'll have to try the idea of engaging the pet more to see how much that keeps heals off the main target.

Now to take my Paladin into 10-man heroic so I can feel like a noob again.

11-30-2009, 02:30 PM
This night i was as war tank and i had all mobs on me for a lot of time...

It is normal or i had luck?

We had the same exprience, but we turned the tactics a bit upside down... (havent read through all here so don't know if others done the same)...

Basically the way we was successful in 25 man HC was to have all melee/tanks go in and try to focus them all into one spot and then just heal like hell...

There is allot of damage going on this way, but it is mostly centric on the melee group, so it really lets the healers focus much more... i barely had to move the entire encounter and we only lost 2 members i think during the fight (which was CR'ed fast)...

Virtually no CC's btw. (a few, but really not alot)

(ill give some shots of the numbers later)

You may actually call this a Zerg ^^