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Trying to repost a thread already moved once.

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You have a right to discuss this information, if it is moved by moderation to a more appropriate forum, that is where it belongs. Double posting is considered spam, regardless of your intentions.

Also you seem to have a bad attitude about discussing this topic. You have made up your mind about this situation and are ignoring the facts being presented to you. Please relax in the attitude department and try to understand what is being presented to you by the community.

Changes in the healing department doesn't suddenly make warriors the worst tanks, and I believe you are reading too much into these blue posts. He says nothing about warriors being suckage in the future, just that healing needs to change so that it isn't about rotated "Complete Heal" chains that existed in Everquest, which was not only incredibly boring, but if 1 person missed a heal due to lag or disconnect, it was game over. That isn't fun, and GC understands this.

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I hope this can help tanks out like it did for me

MMO-Champion BlueTracker - Why not abandon high tank damage? (http://blue.mmo-champion.com/27/19675688396-why-not-abandon-high-tank-damage.html)

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