View Full Version : [A] <Team Two> of Aman'Thul Oceanic realm now recruiting

09-06-2009, 07:59 AM
Who we are:
Team Two was formed through a strong bond of friendship, trust and respect among 9 people who regularly ran 10man Ulduar. We took into our stride the determination, cooperation, understanding, commitment and sacrifices we all had to make to conquer all trials and error in its runs.

From there we commit each of ourselves to devote the same values we have learn so much through our trials runs each week and formed this guild with it.

We believe in each other and our abilities to carry this guild throughout its lifespan in the World of Warcraft focusing primarily in 10man raids but building slowly and surely towards a good steady team for end game content of 25man raids.

We strongly feel with the values we carry within the guild that we may over come any obstacles with utmost determination and success while working towards every goal that we may set for this guild that we so proudly call our very own home of family bond like friendship of guildies.

We are the best guild that is second to none……………..we are Team Two.

Raid Times, Days, Intensity, Focus & Expectations:
Weekdays 2100-2400hrs (9:00PM-12MN) Server Time (+10GMT)
Weekends 1800-2400hrs (6:00PM-12MN) Server Time (+10GMT)

Casual Raiding Guild (by 'casual' means is not necessary a laid back attitude, we strive to meet with the highest achievements and do take raids seriously but more importantly we insists everyone to have fun. We also do take into account that we all have real life commitments so there are no expected attendance ratio but only the responsibility and commitment you can offer)

Our Primary Focus is on 10man raids and when and where time could permit we will start our secondary focus into 25man raids.

However casual we may be, we do expect all guildies to take our raids seriously hence everyone are expected to come to raids fully prepared with enough food, pots, flasks, reagents, geared in your best including gems, enchants and fully repaired for the entire duration of the raid.

Guild Environment & Expectations:
Friendly and helpful. As this guild was built around 9 players who constantly work well together we do expect the same with anyone who wishes to join us in this very family oriented attitude we all have. WoW is just a game but with all of us having a strong bond of togetherness, respect, helpful, understanding and thinks about each other, we would have created an online game community that would make the game more pleasurable to play.

Who are we looking for:
Priests: Holy/Disc/Shadow
Death Knights: DPS/Tank
Shamans: Enhance/Elemental
Druids: Feral(Bear/Cat)
Paladins: Ret
Warrior: DPS

Team Two Homepage (http://xplora.biz/teamtwo)

You are most welcome to reply to either:-
1) through here
2) our website or Wowmatcher | Warcraft Player and Guild Recruitment (http://teamtwo.wowmatcher.com)
3) in-game mail to Randin (Alliance Prot Pally)