View Full Version : Serious DK dps problem

09-06-2009, 02:02 AM
My Situation
Last Wednesday, when Anub'arak was finally released, I was part of my guild's 10 man team that got one of first kills on our realm (not exactly sure of the number). During that run I was the only plate wearing dps and I received several upgrades. Following that I am now one of the best DKs on my realm gear wise.

My Problem
However, I find myself often out-dpsed in raids by people with gear that is not as good as mine. Unfortunately I do not have any exact numbers to hand, but usually my dps is in the 4-4.5k range. Weirdly, I very rarely find myself beaten by fellow DKs; it's almost always other classes.

Possible Reasons?

My first thought was that DK dps is just not up to par with other classes, but I regularly see people like Krenian quoting dps figures beyond my imagining, so I know it cannot be a problem with the class.
Gear is definitely not the source of the problem, as I find myself looking at other people's gear and wondering how on earth they can pop out so much more dps than me in ilvl 213-219 gear.
Part of the problem may be due to rotation, as I do not stick to a strict rotation (but that's not really too much of a problem as unholy is it?). However my 'rotation' ends up as something very similar to the norm most of the time, albeit with a few BS and OB swapped around here and there.
The only thing that I can think of that would cause the amount of dps lacking that I experience is my spec, but nowhere have I seen anyone saying that Unholy is just not up to the standard of the other specs. If needs be I will change, but I have been unholy since the beginning and would really like to stay that way if possible.
Thanks in advance for any assistance any of you may be able to give.