View Full Version : Bear gear: how to select?

09-05-2009, 09:32 PM
Hey, all some questions regarding bear gear.

Do I gem for socket bonuses? The tier pieces tend to have agility bonuses, and it only adds about 0.10% dodge according to ratingbuster, nothing of significance imo. Do I stack +30stam gems on all gem slots or +10agi/+15stam?

How exactly do I look for bear tank gear? What stats do I look for? I know Rawr is generally used, but I don't like a machine working things out for me. I've rather pick pieces out myself. Ever since Blizzard homogenized items, I can hardly differentiate what items are good for bear tanks. I normally only pick pieces with a higher stam, but I noticed these are rare.

Are the tier pieces actually good bear tank gear? I know PVP pieces are pretty good, but I hate PVP so if there is an option, I would choose not to.

09-05-2009, 10:38 PM
The only Socket Bonuses I really consider going for are +Agility ones and +Stam ones.

As a bear tank - you want to reach a Certain health pool (this number increases as you get to harder instances) and after that get Avoidance.

Once you reach the health needed to survive, Agility becomes more Valuble than Stamina. But when you do not have the health - Stamina is more valuble.
Also: Get Hit Capped. And get expertise.

The Tier pieces in General are Good for Tanking.
There are a Few leather items that are more tanking ones (the High Stam ones) -- but generally I just look for ones with high raw Stats and either Hit or Expertise.