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09-05-2009, 06:24 AM

I am a Alliance Tankadin who use to raid end game bosses in TBC. Now with children added to da family I cannot keep up with a raiding schedule that most guilds require. Still, with pugs I've managed to go 9/14 ulduar with somel hard modes and 4/5 TOC -10.

Theorycrafting, add-ons, knowing my spec, vent and playing as a team are all part of my modem operenti.

What is don't have is lots of time. I can raid Friday - Sat 5-9pm EST and 5-7:30 Sunday with some wiggle room to that schedule. I don't mind sitting out or being back-up status. Prefer a mature guild and an efficient guild.

If any interest please e-mail me at matjul@cox.net


09-05-2009, 07:35 AM
Guild Goal:
As a whole Legacy of the Darkness would like to provide the best
experience in end game content in competition with other guilds.

Who We Are:
LOTD are an Oceanic-oriented raiding guild and Encourage all raiders of
Oceanic and also covering Late Night US Raiders to join us from across
the Realms and Draenor it self, With a 4 Night a Week schedule our team
welcomes new Blood to the scene within out friendly and knowledgeable
environment maxing at about 22 to 25 hours a week raiding this guild
wants you the raider.

My Experience The GM:
been playing this game since beta days releating to all the old and new
content as it came out and wish to bring together my own cell of
raiders into the game and have them follow on to have the experience as
a raider and fun times.

Raid Build:

The Raider.
I can’t make it every day of the week. That’s fine even out of a 3 of a 5
day a week raid assuming you show up those 3 days is better than no
raids 80% Attendance is required.

Progression and Attitude.
Everyone learns, even the best of best guilds make mistakes and learn from them
it applies here also, as a GM i won't make you into a laughing stock,
How ever what is expecting, Ventrilo Deadlyboss Mods and what ever mods
are required for raids, Including Flasks Buff Food Pots HP/Mana to help
your self and the rest of the raid to progress, With fun in the raids
Maturity levels are high we are all adults acting like a kid won't get
you into any good books.

As apart of learning various places can teach us such as "www.tankspot.com"
"elitestjerks.com" have many points to help you become a skilled raider
and our officers in guild so you can learn your class better and end
game content.

Loot is is delt with by our officers, there is no DKP system as each raid
goes on everyone has a fair shot at loot but it is also taken into
consideration on who gets loot and to spread it out evenly and to think
about the next person and not just your self, Our officers have wide
spread infomation on upgrades for who and what and there for will
express interest.

Expectations of Members:

Obscene language can be taken the wrong way; about 10% of most guild chat may
have some but should be done taken common sense inconsideration.

Communication is important between members, whether it be an instance run, raid or
general farming if a Q&A or someone needs help answer them just
like you would like to be answered.

Guild Bank, Contributing to the guild bank works like a system what you put into it will come back and
help you in the end, if you don’t put stuff in you need to pay half the
price of AH gear.

As stated above communication is important if you can't Make a Raid, Tell someone let
someone know so we aren't left in the dark, If we don't hear form you
chances are your spot will be puged, Under extreme circumstances "Late
from Work" or "Family Emergency" will be considered, So be sure to make
every effort to make your self on time and punctual on time and ready
for a raid.

Outside Guild.
When your running else where please don't tanish guild name, it not only makes you look
bad but a bad rep makes us look bad where ever we go.

Trade Chat "Chuck Norris" just immature don't do it.
Posting on forums being a troll is not on also.
Having a bad day keep it to your self in Gchat if you need some one to chat to take it in whisper.
If you got a problem with Loot talk to an Officer don't bring the whole guild into it.

Guild Name:
Legacy of the Darkness


Realm (US/EU):
US Draenor

Realm Type:
Realm Timezone:
-8:00 PST

Mime 10 Man / Kologan 25 Man

Raid Times:
2am Server till 5am Server & 7pm till 10pm Oceanic

Raid Schedule:

Priest (Holy/Disc/Shadow)
DK (Dps)
Druid (Resto/Tank/Feral)
Mage (Any Spec)
Shaman (Elemental)
Warrior (Prot/DPS)

If you wish to apply Home : Legacy of the Darkness - US - Draenor - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://legacyofthedarkness.guildlaunch.com/)