View Full Version : [A] Looking for a guild to fit into.

09-04-2009, 04:05 PM
Hello I am in kind of a unique situation. I currently play as either a Balance Druid, or on my paladin tank. Both are geared to about 25 Ulduar status. My other side of the story is my Girlfriend who plays a healing priest. 25 Ulduar geared. The issue is time restraints, on our current server there is a lack in numbers to make up certain raid times, or a loss of showing to raids. She comes home from work currently at 6 PM Central Time. However soon it will be a 7-7 job and we would like a place not stay up to terribly late. I am very experienced and she has quite a bit also. For any questions please send me a message. My proffesions on my druid are Enchanting/Jewelcrafting and my Paladin's are Jewelcrafting/Blacksmithing. Here Priest is a Tailor/Alchemist. Any questions please like noted above send me a Private Chat.

After further talking about it we would prefer these times and transfers are just fine. Our only request is PVE server, also we think that a guild on East Coast time zone. Thanks!