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09-04-2009, 08:49 AM
Abuse is a raiding guild on the Scilla (PVP) server. We are the successful result of the merger of two guilds and have a friendly group of people. Progression is our main goal and we make every effort to achieve it with as little drama as possible. We expect our raiders to perform their best and will not scream if that does not happen, but we will question what the issue is so that it can be rectified for the future. Week nights are mostly spent on 25 man raids, any off night/weekends are optional and are spent either in 10 mans or doing anything from leveling alts to battlegrounds.

We are looking for raiders who like to push new content but not at the expense of anyone’s sanity. Friendly people who like to have a good time, know when joking is appropriate or when to stay quiet so the raid leaders can get their job done. Although we do not have any age restrictions, a certain level of maturity is expected of everyone. Your attitude is just as important to us as your playstyle.

Our recruitment needs are currently:

1 Shadow priest
1 Resto druid
1 Resto shammy
1-2 healers, any class

Please keep in mind that your application and armory are our first impression of you. Make sure you take some time to fill everything out fully and let us know anything that is not on the application that may persuade us as to why we may be a perfect fit with you. Also make sure to log out in your raiding gear, as it is hard for us to get an idea of how you gem and enchant your gear if you are wearing your fishing pole and Santa suit. We are always looking for skilled players and just because your class isn't recruiting does not mean we aren't looking for you. Feel free to apply if your class or spec isn't open for recruitment.

Raid Times: Monday -Thursday 8-12 EST (Invites 7:45)

Loot: Loot Council

Ulduar - 25 Man 13/14 (1/9 HM) / 10 Man 13/14 (8/9 HM)
ToC – 25 Man 5/5 / 10 Man 5/5

Website: Home : Abuse - US - Scilla - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://abusethem.guildlaunch.com)

In game contacts: Eclípse, Reidi and Skagg

09-08-2009, 06:11 AM
Bump for updated class needs, healers please apply!