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09-04-2009, 08:27 AM
TLDR - resuming.
Switching 1 button rotation macro for 3, take a look at image in the bottom

-------------------whole message with most of my keybinds-----------------------


I am having trouble with my single target rotation (FROST TANK), I know I should not use it, but i try to use a 1 button macro for my rotation… I am gonna try to make one at home that works - am at job now - I am used to one button macro so I can easier pay attention to the surroundings. My keybinds are:

1(AoE rotation, working perfect – can psot later if someone wanna check it)
2 (single target rotation = FAIL badly on threat)
3= IT
“ctrl+space bar”= RS
ctrl+2=Death Grip
ctrl+T=Dark Command
Ctrl+X=Anti-Magic Shell
Ctrl+sft+X=Icebound Fortitude
Ctrl+1=trinkets (+3k health) and UA.
Ctrl+Z=Health Pots, Lifeblood, Warlock Healthstone

My Single Target rotation is in 1 button is FAIL, so I don’t think there is a need to post it… I have been reading forums, and what I most find as rotation is:

IT-PS-OB-BS-BS-dump. then OB-OB-OB Dump

So I am thinking of redoing my keybinds… problem is that I am used to the 1 button macro, so I can foccus on othe stuff, like when to use trinkets, IBF, etc…

But am thinking of keeping my aoe rotation button which is working well at 1. and when I go single target tanking I use:

/cast runs strike
/cast sequence icy touch, plague strike

/cast rune strike
/cast obliterate

/cast rune strike
/cast blood strike

dump = T (Frost Strike)

what do you guys think?

edit1:forgot to add HW, DC(which dont really use except when i get "kicked" away from range, and horn of winter which i use now adn then... also to get RP)

edit2: adding picture

ok, so i have now made a new rotation with new (to come) keybinds... what do you guys think, please give me your opinions:

Rotation picture:

am at work (unfortunatelly not much happening, reason why i am spendig so much time around forums, and dont have photoshop here lol)

09-06-2009, 06:55 AM
up, if someone can help me out, or just give some tips, would be appreciated :)

09-06-2009, 08:37 PM
I'm a little fuzzy on the set up of your macro, but a key quirk of Frost is to not empty your RP bar during dumps (Blood/Unholy don't have as many GCDs to burn, thus don't hit the problem like Frost's two rune rotations do).

What this means is that when you hit a RP dump phase, you don't let your RP go below 20. Ever. If you do, immediately use HoW, or better, start using runes. At worse, stop and twiddle your thumbs at 20 RP. At 20 RP, you can generate rune strikes, and use them to convert melee hits. This is by far the best threat generation move DKs have, and it's vital that you let it go off.

Give that a shot. If you keep recount/dps parses, see how much damage Rune Strike is doing compared to Frost Strike. If Frost Strike is out damaging RS, such as FS - 14%, RS - 9%, then you're starving RS and missing out on that threat. The majority of parses with threat issues tend to show that, while other Frost DKs without threat issues tend to see FS/RS doing similar damage, and getting RS's +50% threat modifier.

09-06-2009, 09:38 PM
Ok I think I can help you here.
your rotation seems solidish but Im noticing a few problems to your mindset
1) over macro everything. It can cause problems I believe
2) from what I have found on single target you should be looking like this
d&d when available, it is still a huge threat causer.
plagues up yes bs x2 yes
frost strike when you have rp to spare yes
But you are missing one huge skill Rune strike. causes a ton of threat and if you have the sigil it grants you more dodge which in turn makes rs come up faster causing more threat. It should be a big part of your rotation, I use it whenever its up.
Add rs to your rotation for single target and i can almost guarantee it will help you immensely.

09-08-2009, 12:20 PM
cheers guys, i have now started using rune strike alot more then before... I have installed a great addon that shows me when RS, KM and Rime...whenever it procs I use it and its going quite well now on OS Pugs, will see how it will do in Ulduar 10 tonight :-)