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09-04-2009, 06:30 AM
Aranoch are a newly formed, progression focused raiding guild created on 19th June 2009 from a small core of players, some of whom have raided from as far back as the original Naxxramas through Mount Hyjal and up to Ulduar. Many of us have raided together for over a year now and we felt with the gulf between the latter stages/hard modes of Ulduar and raid instances such as Naxxramas showing an even greater gulf in the skill and resolve of many players, that now was the time to start anew to build on our experience and common goals to create somewhere that we can call home; somewhere that we can push to see all the content that the game has to offer.

We value quality over quantity and as such we're but a small number of members. For this reason we'd like to open selective recruitment to allow us to expand the guild. There are still a number of guaranteed raiding spots available for the right players.

19:30 to 00:00 with a 15 minute break around 21:00
25 Mans on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday
10 mans on Wednesday, Friday and Monday

If you apply to join us, we'd expect you to attend at least three of these nights, preferably Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday (our progression nights). We don't regularly run Naxxramas so please bear this in mind if you still need a lot of gear from there.

As for progress, we've cleared Ulduar 10 (13/14) and are currently working on Hard Modes and filling our Algalon keys (to date we have three in-progress with just Firefighter remaining). We're 10/14 in Ulduar 25 and will push back into clearing this shortly after the holiday season settles down.

We're 5/5 Trial of the Crusader 10, 2/5 Trial of the Crusader 25 and will be working now on clearing Normal difficulty for both on an in-guild farm basis to help gear our members for the Heroic versions and the forthcoming Onyxia encounter.

How to apply:
Please visit our website - Home : Aranoch - EU - English - Alonsus - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://www.aranoch.co.uk)
If you would like to talk to us first, feel free to contact either Kardas, Cuthalio, Ravorin, Onionknight or Mertissielle in-game and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have, or simply put a post up on our forums if you'd like to learn more before applying.

Class Recruitment:
We are happy to review any exceptional application, though we are primarily looking for:

Mage (2) Arcane plus one other - particular attention to anyone with a PvE Frost off-spec
Shaman (1) Restoration
Rogue (1) Any viable raiding spec considered
Hunter (1) Any viable raiding spec considered
Druid (1) Feral DPS

As I say, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch either by PM here, our forum or in-game :)

09-07-2009, 02:14 AM
Updated. Another successful Knock, Knock, Knock last night - Algalon-10 is just around the corner :)