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09-03-2009, 09:02 PM
ok, my Dodge is 23.86 (413) and my Parry is 18.93 (220) ... Am I doing this right and take my Dodge / Parry or 413/220 = 1.877% ? According to Tankadin addon i am -0.84 Critable and my hitable is 26.51... If someone could take a look at my Armory... and tell me where to go from here... weather its regemming or whatnot.... I should not be using block value gear for ToC/Ulduar right? I am going to be starting to tank these and trying to get myself geared up the best I can before going in there with what I can get my hands on. As of tomorrow I will have 50 Emblem of Triumph.... Should I upgrade an item with a T9 piece that I can afford? Pick up the emblem ring or the Libram 200 dodge on HoTR use.. prolly libram first ofc but any help beyond that is greatly appreciated

09-04-2009, 03:41 AM
Not quite - the formula for when you would get more avoidance per point of Parry than per point of Dodge is:

(character_sheet_Dodge% - 10) / (character_sheet_Parry% - 10)

If the ratio after this formula is > 1.88 then you'd switch to Parry. Yours is currently 1.55 (3sf) so you'd still get more from Dodge for the time being.

If Tankadin2 is telling you you're 26.51 hittable without Holy Shield up then you're way over the Block Cap and will want to reduce the amount of Block Rating you have somewhere. I'd probably say the badge legs and Cloak of the Iron Council would be the first places to look, simply because Signet of the Earthshaker has a nice chunk of Stamina on it and will generally be harder to replace (at least until you have enough spare Triumph badges to get that ring).

But to answer your question more specifically, Block Value itself isn't bad (though shouldn't necessarily be a priority if you have options with better avoidance on) but Block Rating is to the point where you've pushed a lot of your iLevel budget off the table and is, therefore, being wasted. 3.2 has a few pieces that have BV without BR which can still be nice for threat and a little survivability so they may be worth hanging onto still.

With regard to badges, I went for the ring first and have a Trophy of the Crusade sitting in my bag waiting for me to decide which Tier piece (if any) to grab but really it's a case of what you feel works best with your current gear.

09-04-2009, 04:53 AM
well I should have had the 25 ToC legs from Jar in last weeks pug run I was in but they were ninja'd so still using the badge ones til I can get better :( So dodge will still give me good returns so ill go that route and maybe change my 10 agil 15 stam to 10 dodge 15 stam's?

09-04-2009, 05:05 AM
That sure is a possibility. Agility's estimated at being only 90% of the survivability of dodge rating, so you'd trade a tiny bit of threat for a almost-as-tiny bit of avoidance. There is not much benefit/cost on that change, but the benefit is there.

09-04-2009, 05:37 AM
I'd personally stick with Agility, actually. The reason being is that Agi scales with Kings whereas Dodge doesn't and at your level of Dodge, the diminishing returns will mean there's very little difference in terms of avoidance between post-Kings Agi and non-Kings Dodge, so the extra Armor is pretty much a bonus.

Due to the diminishing returns and Kings scaling on Agi, the two get closer together the more Dodge you have making the fringe benefits of Agi more attractive. It's personal choice of course - the only thing I would say is that you shouldn't mix and match - because Kings gives you +10%, the more Agi you have the more Dodge Kings gives you a result. Going for Dodge gems in some spots reduces the benefit Kings gives your Agi gems, so you should either go all Dodge/Stam for your reds or all Agi/Stam in my opinion. As I say, your call on which, just not both.