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For Argent Coliseum and beyond, <Genesis> is currently recruiting:

(Restrictions may apply, see up-to-date Recruitment Status on our website (http://www.guild-genesis.org/).)

We're looking for hardcore raiders with extensive raid experience, don't bother otherwise.

Normal: Trial of the Crusade - Northrend Beasts - Anub'arak [Server Firsts*]
Heroic:Trial of the Grand Crusade - Northend Beasts [Server First]
Heroic:Trial of the Grand Crusade - Lord Jaraxxus [Server First]
Heroic:Trial of the Grand Crusade - Faction Champions [Server First]
Heroic:Trial of the Grand Crusade - Twin Valkyrs [Server First]

Flame Leviathan -> Yogg-Saron(pre-nerf) [All bosses Server First, minus Ignis]
Death's Demise: Yogg + 0 (25) [Server First]
Celestial Defender: Algalon (25) [Server First]
Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25) [Server First]
Starcaller: Algalon (10) [Server First]
Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10)

Hard Modes on our site or WoW Guild Genesis :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/magtheridon/Genesis)

Heroic: Glory of the Raider (25) [Server First]
Glory of the Raider (10) [Server First]

3 Drake Sartharion (25/10) down [Server First 10-man]
Malygos (25/10) down [Server First 25-man]
Sartharion (25/10) down [Server Guild First 25-man]

15/15 Naxxramas (25-man/10-man)
[All bosses Server Guild Firsts]

6/6 Sunwell Plateau
[All bosses Server Firsts]

M'uru killed pre-nerf (patch 2.4.3), KJ killed pre-nerf (patch 3.0).

http://wow.guildprogress.com/badge/5849.png (http://wow.guildprogress.com/US/Magtheridon/Genesis)

About <Genesis>:

Our guild is on the Magtheridon (US-PvP-EST) server. We have been the #1 Alliance progression guild since our creation in March of 2007 and have been continuing this into and through all of Sunwell Plateau, now being the top progression guild on our realm. We have been continuing this tradition into the new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, and plan to stay at the top. In BT, our first Illidan kill was on Nov 4th '07 and in Sunwell, our first Kil'jaeden kill on August 7th '08.
As for WotLK, all content has been cleared within a week of release of the expansion. Our goal is Top 25 US.

The following raid schedule is in effect for WotLK progression (days may vary depending on content cleared):

Raid Schedule

Tuesday: 7.15pm - 12.00am
Wednesday: 7.15pm - 12.00am
Thursday: 7.15pm - 12.00am
Friday: FREE
Saturday: FREE
Sunday: 7.45pm - 12.30am
Monday: 7.15pm - 12.00am

All times are servertime (EST).

During progression, we may go later as well as add Friday/Saturday to the schedule. Attendence is expected to be 85% or better for all raids. Loot is handled by officer council based off of attendance, performance, dedication and attitude.
Outside of raids, many of our members are active PvPers, and our battlegroup (Ruin) is very strong. Many of BG9’s top arena teams are originally from Ruin and the battlegroup continues to be a home to many high caliber arena teams. Many have come back since our battlegroup, BG3, is said to be &quot;the new BG9&quot;.
Magtheridon is a day one server and has maintained its stability for the duration of the game. Wowjutsu currently ranks our server 12th overall in the US for progression, bolstered by the many strong guilds we compete with.

Our Expectations:

Our raid core has traditionally been very small, so we expect several non-negotiable traits in our applicants.

We're looking for hardcore raiders with extensive raid experience. Don't waste our time and we won't waste yours. Every applicant should be extremely dedicated to the class and spec he has chosen. Consumables, gems, enchants, and even professions should be selected to maximize raid performance. Basically time or cost should NOT be a determining factor in raid preparation or performance.

In addition to dedication, all applicants should have a strong sense of self-motivation and a desire to be the best. Everyone is expected to give 110% effort all the time. That being said, however, it’s also important to mesh well with the raiding core. We have a team mentality while raiding and showing up with a poor attitude or a chip on your shoulder is not conducive to good teamwork. The ability to take constructive criticism is an absolute must as well. Basically, those people prone to emotional outbursts or deep cutting should think twice before applying, as there is zero tolerance for that here.

Particularly pertinent to us is your ability to perform in our raid environment. <Genesis> standards are very high and we have a history of constantly pushing ourselves harder every farm clear. We regularly rank in the Top 10 for TBC/WotLK kills on WWS (http://www.wowwebstats.com/) and WWS Scoreboard (http://www.wwsscoreboard.com/wwsguildsview.php) has us listed as 6th overall for BT, Hyjal and Sunwell Plateau (it hasn't been updated for WotLK, unfortunately). This level of commitment is a must have for any endgame guild and accordingly all applicants should have a level of ability consummate with it.

How to Apply:

If Genesis seems like a guild that fits your style of play, post a well thought out application on our website @
Genesis - Home (http://www.guild-genesis.org/)Further informations are provided in our recruitment forum. While we are actively recruiting the listed classes, we encourage any exceptional players to apply. Any questions can be directed in-game to Hiren, Jparis, or Carisana (if not online, ask a member if he's on an alt or if an officer is available) on the Magtheridon realm or via PM on our forums.

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4/5 HToC

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