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09-03-2009, 02:32 PM
Okay, second post of the day. I'm back to tanking and have not tanked since well before 3.2.

My question is about AoE tanking and rotation. I know the standard rotation of Charge, TC, SW, SS, then tab thru targets. My question about rotation comes in on the "tab thru targets" section of the rotation. Should I hit each of the tabbed targets with Devastate and spam TC to keep the rest of the mobs angry? Or should I hit the other targets with a different ability when tabbing? Should I utilize my GCD abilities when tabbing? Is there a priority of what to hit when tabbing through let's say 5 mobs?

Wasn't sure if linking to my armory would really be beneficial to discussion here, but I'm more than willing to provide a link if anyone cares to see what I'm working with.


09-04-2009, 12:30 PM
What you've said works pretty well. On trash I almost always spam TC whenever it's on CD. When tabbing through I use SS and devastate almost exclusively.

I've found it helps to mark your targets (some dps just fall into the habit of targeting the skull first). The skull then is a very good target for your SS.

I also glyphed for cleave and use that as much as possible if I'm with some high threat generating people. I'd also suggest you spec for deep wounds. Oh and I also use vigilance in my trash threat spec

09-04-2009, 01:08 PM
Stick with the threat rotation you would use on a boss except for TC, SW and Cleave. Just tab after getting one or two high-threat abilities in.

Of the single-target abilities they (depending on gear and averaging results over time) generate threat according to the following list:

1. Shield Slam
2. Devastate
3. Revenge

You need to get as many Cleaves in there as possible though, and thats only possible with sufficient rage. Revenge is our best threat / rage attack. In the majority of fights you will therefor get the following priority:

1. Shield Slam
2. Revenge
3. Devastate
4. As many Cleaves as possible.

Concussion Blow does less threat than the above but can still be viable due to its stun effect and damage. Scales well with equipment though so if you have high attack power CB is probably better than Devastate.

In addition you should keep Thunder Clap on cooldown. Also evaluate using SW. SW has no innate threat but does threat equal to its damage so this will be a good chunk against multiple mobs (and of course reduces damage taken so your healer will stay at a lower threat level).

09-04-2009, 01:10 PM
Thanks for the feedback! I run with high threat generators so I'm thinking I'll have to glyph for Cleave. The main reason I asked is b/c I'm in the process of re-situating my action bar and hotkeys. Thanks again!

09-04-2009, 02:21 PM
In addition to understanding which abilities generate a lot of threat, there are also some abilities that generate very little. Are you making sure not to include these?

Bloodrage, Berserker rage, Battle / Demo / Commanding shout, taunt (on a mob already targeting you), Shield Bash and a few others create next to no threat.

The following is an example of a rotation that looks decent at first but in fact creates a lot less threat than a better rotation:
Charge -> Thunder Clap -> Demo shout -> Bloodrage -> Shield Slam w/ macroed heroic strike -> Shield Bash to interrupt incoming fireball -> Shield Block -> tab target -> Shockwave -> Revenge w/ macroed heroic strike - tab target -> Concussion Blow

Here is one that is better (add as many Cleaves as rage allows):
Target skull. Bloodrage -> Use a mouseover macro to Heroic Throw the caster without having to change target -> Charge -> Shield Slam -> Thunder Clap -> Shockwave -> tab target -> Spell Reflect incoming fireball Revenge -> Shield Block and new SS/Revenge/Devaste until Shield Block is no longer active, then re-apply TC. Continue rotation / tabbing while doing this.

Differences are:
1. You get a good chunk of threat on the caster without making any sacrifices by using Heroic Throw.
2. Using Shield Slam (as opposed to TC) first secures threat on skull and you don't risk missing targets because they out of TC range. Since you applied HT the caster is silenced and will come to you as well.
3. You don't waste cooldowns on shouts that don't create threat (not entirely true but the threat is so low it can be neglected for all but those mobs who have yet to establish an aggro table).
4. You reflect the spell (which generates threat) as opposed to interrupting it (which creates very little threat).
5. You don't waste a good portion of Shield Block due to mobs being stunned by Shockwave during its duration or using attacks that don't proc Swoard and Board (Concussion Blow).
6. Macroing HS or Cleave works for certain high-rage encounters but is rarely a good substitute for pushing buttons. Common solutions is binding HS to mouse-wheel forward and Cleave to backwards. Alternatively you can use say the F key for HS and Shift-F for Cleave and just hit it a million times per hour :-)