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09-03-2009, 08:51 AM
Hey all - first a quick word about me.

I have an 80 prot/fury warrior, 80 resto shaman, 80 dk, and a handful of 60-70ish alts. I have played on Korgath Alliance for a few years now. I don't raid regularly due to RL time constraints (my nights/weekends are spent mostly with my family and friends), so I play alot during off-hours (super late nights, during the day, mornings, etc.) I'd like to think that I'm a pretty decent player and am knowledgeable on my classes/specs/gear choices.

Anyway, I've recently become extremely frustrated with the culture on Korgath. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about: PUGs ninja-looting everything, massive flame-fests and [ability]-anal jokes in trade chat, and general childishness of the server as a whole. It seems that the only way to avoid this is to join a more hardcore raiding guild comprised of adults (see time limitations above).

My questions are:
1) Are all servers as bad as Korgath-Alliance?
2) Does horde / alliance play a role in the maturity level of a particular server in your experience?
3) Can you recommend a more mature server / faction / guild that seems like a good fit for me?


09-03-2009, 11:31 AM
Most of the servers I've played on have the massive flame fests and anal jokes in trade chat. Thunderfury is particularly popular on mine. Trade chat... is a black hole :P

Pug raids are a very, very real risk, but rarely down content that even a casual raiding guild can't. You don't have to play with a hardcore guild to down the first few bosses of TOC 25, or down all of TOC 10, or the first half of Ulduar. Or of course any of Naxx. Lots of the game is very accessible to casual guilds now. As for the maturity level, any game which provides anonymity to people, along with the ability to change pseudonyms, servers, whatever, if they get TOO hated.... will have serious maturity issues as people will show their true colors and revert to lowest common denominator. Maturity is a fuckin myth on nearly every server in both factions.

Guilds, however, get to prune their own members. Go to a high popualtion server (Is korgath one?). Pug a lot. Accept that shit will be ninjaed sometimes. But don't be guild-tagged. Start finding people you like, people whose attitudes you respect. Generally, they are more likely to be members of more respectable guilds - it's not always the case, but like minded people DO band together or tolerate each other's antics. Find those guilds websites. Apply. Try it.

There's no way to find the right personal fit for yourself without jumping in and tanking some business. See how they like you and how you liek them.