View Full Version : [A-CST] |Sad Panda| LF Raiders 13/14 2/9HM|4/5TOC

09-01-2009, 03:00 PM
Guild Name: Sad Panda
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Madoran-US
Realm Type: PVE
Realm Timezone: CST
Battlegroup: Ruin
Progression: 13/14-2/9HM Ulduar 25 | 5/5 TOC 25 Norm
Raid Times: 7-11
Raid Schedule: Mon-thurs
Openings: Ret Pally,Feral DPS,DK DPS, Holy Pally &/or Resto Shaman. Package Deals are taking into consideration.
Loot System: DKP type Loot system.

About Us/Goals: Sad Panda was created back in burning crusade and have been raiding 25 man content ever since. We are highly respected as a Guild on our server and wish to keep it this way. We had some server firsts, we are tied for 1st place on our server, alliance side and want to push to be top. Our Goal is to Hit The Coliseum and hit it hard and still keep ulduar in our raiding schedule due to Fragments/Mace .Huge Issues are Guilds Reforming and Summer with schedule changes has kept us from progression faster so we need to build up what is missing in our raiding lineup and hopefully find some good long term additions.
We take raiding seriously but also have fun doing so. We recruit to have dedicated experienced players, people that know the class and show up, If you cant show up simply send one of the officers an ingame mail so we know.. We keep drama to a minimum and this is why we are Highly respected. If you have an issue with some1 or something talk to an officer and not just get up and gquit or cause Trouble, here we like to discuss things. We do officer meetings weekly and guild meetings when necessary to see whats on players minds for ideas/Suggestions to better help the guild as a whole.

If Interested Send a application at Home : Sad Panda - US - Madoran - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://madoransadpanda.guildlaunch.com) and Get a hold of me ingame mail, Private message i check my stuff Frequenty for A verbal interview, because nothing can beat the word of mouth. Ingame name is Geistreiter hopefully hear/see from you soon.