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09-01-2009, 08:30 AM
Hello im my guild's MT, we are a progression guild of 25Uld,10 Uld Hard modes, and 10/25 ToC, My healers are always complaining I am boring to heal so I would like to know how I can make them even more bored. Any and all advice/criticism is appreciated.

Link to armory: The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Lightninghoof&n=Robunknown)

Oh and yes I know my BS is low, working on it :)

09-01-2009, 08:34 AM
so your healers are saying you're not taking enough damage...therefore being boring to heal? this shouldn't be a problem and, if anything, should be something your healers are longing for.

Unlock Algalon. He hits like a truck (every half second). Ask them if they're bored AFTER that...

On a serious note: Your numbers look good in terms of avoidance/hp/armor. I'm not a big fan of the glove enchant and would rather go for +agil or +stam...but that's just personal preference. +10 to chest isn't THAT great of a tanking enchant...and +HP or +Defense would be better suited here. Again, that's my opinion!

09-01-2009, 04:00 PM
Oh i know its not a problem at all, im just looking for someone to nit pick my gear and spec ^^

09-02-2009, 02:32 AM
I would say bring your BS up ASAP so you get the 2 sockets (hands and rist)

09-02-2009, 03:31 AM
While neither spec is bad at all, I wonder if they're perhaps a little too similar to one another to get the most out of having a Prot/Prot setup.

I'd personally consider a 0/53/18 threat build for one, picking up either Improved Hammer of Justice or Divine Guardian depending on what your raid generally needs. I like to take 2/2 Persuit of Justice and 2/2 Vindication then 1/5 Conviction and 3/3 Crusade in this build. Only 1/2 Spiritual Attunement, which I find to be easily sufficient. This is great for high-threat fights (Hodir Hard), fights with a lot of movement (Mimiron Hard) and adds a lot of easy mitigation from Vindication and Judgements of the Just. This (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sZV0tAMuMusIufdtsMobc) is the 0/53/18 build that I use, personally.

Since you have the option of a second build, to my mind the best bet may be to go down into Improved Lay on Hands as, when paired with the Minor Glyph, this takes the cooldown to 11 minutes which is almost once per boss fight which can be very handy for learning new fights to eek out a little more survival (and hence more time to see a boss' abilities etc). It's not a build I'd use to MT things but might prove useful for new encounters, hard hitting bosses or simply those times when perhaps you don't have your best healers available. Something like this (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sVV0MZV0tAbuMusIufdxo) could work.

You'll notice I don't take Reckoning in either - I still don't like this talent and beyond stacking SoV DoTs quicker it's still a marginal threat increase in exchange for additional possibilities for being whacked with parry haste. You'll certainly get more threat from 3/3 Crusade against Demons, Undead, Humanoids and Beasts and almost as much to be unnoticable against other mob types than 5/5 Seals of the Pure + 5/5 Reckoning.

Gear-wise you're looking fine though from an iLevel point of view I prefer Defense on my Shield over the Stamina enchant. As previously suggested you could always put an armor kit on your gloves as the 10 Parry Rating is pretty small (less than the avoidance you'd get from the extra Defense Rating on your shield) and you shouldn't have any issue with threat with your gear level anyway, making the +2% Threat component overkill. I also don't like Blade Ward personally, but you could obviously do far worse.

Only other thing is to mirror your own sentiments with regard to Blacksmithing. You're losing 60 Stamina simply by not having it levelled so it's worth making a priority, though I know full well how tough money can be to come by when you're shelling out on hard mode repair bills, heh.