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<The Deepwater Pirates>

Who we are:
The Deepwater Pirates is and adult, casual raiding guild and the oldest raiding guild on the Shadow Council server. We were founded by friends to have a good time and enjoy the time we spent playing the game. Our focus is on 25-man heroic raids, but we also have dedicated 10-man groups and abundant 5-mans. We strive to progress in raiding without being too intense.

What makes us different:
Our raid schedule is casual, but we are serious when it comes to content. We expect members to conduct themselves like adults and pull their own weight. We have a variety of experience, but our raiders are all expected to be willing to listen, learn and perform. That said, we like to joke around and have a good time, but know when we need to be serious. A good sense of humor and thick skin are a must. Goblin hatred optional.


When do we raid:
Our progression raids are:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 6 pm MST (7 CT, 8 ET) until 9 pm MST

We currently have two 10 man groups, and enough people to easily slot a third, that run during offtimes. Please save everyone the time and do not apply to raid unless you can make 2/3 of our raids.

Raid progression:

10 Man:

Ulduar - Cleared
UlduarHM - 9/9
TOC - Cleared
TOGC - Cleared - Mad Skill

25 Man:

Ulduar - Cleared
TOC - Cleared
TOGC - 2/5

Recruitment Needs:

Enha Shaman - High
Holy Paladin - High
Ret Paladin - Med
Elem Shaman - Med

However, if you're an exceptional player, we will consider you regardless of your class!

What we offer:
We are going to take you to prom in our 1987 Pontiac Trans Am with the wicked unicorn impaling the devil on the hood while Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" blasts through the speakers. Your dad will be so impressed. Then we're going to speed off to the soundtrack of "Teen Wolf," while we make your friends jealous and do meth. The school yearbook will vote you "Most likely to kick ass." None of that is going to happen.

We have a fully functional website, progression raiding with fun content on some off nights, social events, impromptu asshatery, a vent server (pretty cutting edge, right?), the best Lobster Bib ever, and a group of generally fun, funny adult people to crack wise and actually enjoy the game with.

What you give us:

Register and use the website to fill out an app, then we'll schedule either an in game chat or a vent interview. We want to make sure we're as good a fit for you as you are for us. The sooner you schedule this the better your chances are of getting in.
Know your class and where to get information on it. Know what mods to use, where to get them, and how to make them work.
Use the in game calendar to sign up, and show up to raids when you say you will. Make sure you're educated on the fights we will be encountering.
All transfers are at the player's risk! We won't stop trying to recruit until the spot is filled, so the sooner you get an interview and transfer the better your chances.

If you have questions, or really want a ride to prom, please visit our website at: the Deepwater Pirates (http://www.deepwaterpirates.net) or contact Pals, Philoh, Saurelle or Sugarnaught so that you may be processed, sorted and assigned to a loving human family.


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Looking for more love.

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Twice the scurvy, twice the fun!

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Slightly updated, still looking for crew.