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08-31-2009, 09:14 AM
<Macellarius> is recruiting exceptional players of all classes for raiding. We are a high end raiding guild, currently focused on completing all hard modes and improving guild standing. The guild environment is friendly, mature and relaxed. Raids are focused and disciplined with minimal interruption.

We are recruiting for core raid spots.

1 - PROT Pally
1 - Feral Druid
1 - Boomkin
2 - Warlocks

As always, we are looking for great healers and players of every class.

Website: Portal (http://macellarius.forumotion.net)

Server: Mug'Thol
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times: 7:00PM -11:00 PM CST Sun, Tues, Wed.
10 mans are general on Thursdays and weekends.

Ulduar 25:13/14 & 4/10 HM

Applicant expectations:
-Attendance: Three main raid nights means you should have 90%+ attendance.
-Character: Keep up-to-date with specs, character itemization and have a viable off spec with good gear.
-Raiding: Encounter research, desire to progress, preparation and ability to take constructive criticism.
-Situational Awareness. If you die, don't apply.

We expect raiders to do their homework, come prepared, and ready to kill. The guild officers have a long history together and have been playing since vanilla release. If interested, please visit our website to apply.

Loot System
Macellarius uses a Loot Council to distribute loot. This system is supported by the core raiders and has served us very well.

If accepted, you will remain at a trial level for approximately two weeks. Feel free to ask any questions at the end of your application.