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08-30-2009, 09:15 PM
Midnight Reveries is currently recruiting:

Druid (Feral Tank, Balance & Resto) (Medium could use 1 pro of each spec)
Paladin (Ret) (Medium could use 1 pro)
Warrior (Arms/Fury)(High could use 1 dps and 1 tank)
Shaman (Resto & Elemental) (high could use a couple of pros)

As always any well written application from strong candidates of any other class will be taken under consideration.

About us:
MR has existed for a very long time now and was one of the first raiding guilds on Al'Akir. We have always been a PvE focused guild and established ourselves as one of the better alliance guilds on this server in matters of PvE.
Right now, we are not Raiding Naxxramas, Sartharion nor Malygos.

We only raid Ulduar 25man and have that on Farm status, 10man runs are made on the side of the raidingschedule (Cleared META achievement for drake in 10man & Algalon unlocked). Totc10man 5/5.

We are currently working on getting the raid force ready for 25man hard modes again when the raidsetup is suited. Current 25 man progress is 13/14 Ulduar (Ignis Speed kill, XT002 HM Down & were currently working on Iron Council). 25man TOTC 5/5.

wowprogress.com (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/al-akir/Midnight+Reveries)

What we can offer:
A stable guild that has existed for a long time.
Skilled guild members. No more wiping for the 10th time due to a couple of stupid raid members.

A rich guild bank that provides the guild members with potion materials, or items for craftables if needed for progress.
A friendly and fun community around the guild with active forums and occasional guild events.
And ofcourse the gear that will help u and the guild progress in the long run.

What we expect from you:
- A good understanding of the English language.
- You're a mature and smart player who knows exactly what it takes to perform well in a raid.
- You're preferably an experienced player and geared/specced accordingly.
- A mature attitude to loot, we run a limited loot council to gear the raid up evenly this covers Weapons, Trinkets and Tier items/Crafting mats.
- We do not demand you raid each day but when you do raid, play at your best. Your playtimes cannot be limited by things such as parents nagging you to go to bed at 22:00 or dinner during a raid.
- We raid from 19:00 untill 23.00 and if we're close to killing a boss we might very well go on for longer once in a while.
- We expect you to raid 2-3 (up to 5) days a week, we dont raid Fridays and Saturdays.
You're willing to farm for your own consumables, craftable items and reputation if needed for raid encounters.

You must be able to use Ventrilo and have a working microphone/knowing when and not to use it would be most beneficial to help in the coordination of the raid.
You enjoy doing PvE in this game and like having fun with your guildies during and outside raid times.
After all we all play this game to have fun.

How to apply:
Post the application on the forum, BAD written applications gets denied asap. Midnight Reveries URL CLICK TO APPLY<<< (http://www.midnightreveries.net)
Or send a private message on the forums to either Dirtyd, Mortifis, MissQQ Nightrunner or talk to one of the officers in game!

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