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08-30-2009, 11:22 AM
<Angels of Corruption> is recruiting!

We're a "casual" raiding guild looking for more members. Our current content includes:

10 Ulduar Friday night farm bosses, Saturday night progression.
25 Obsidian Sanctum Wednesday night. We do VoA on this day too, although at no set time.
25 Naxxramas Sunday night, usually PUG a few.

We raid 3-4 nights a week, at 5 server time, for 3 hours. (Sometimes less, depending content).

Angels of Corruption started out as a leveling guild, and were starting to get more 80's. Due to real life problems, the original GM decided to quit WoW. He decided to choose me, Skyrissiced, as the new GM for the guild. Once given to me, I set out to start a "softcore" raiding guild. At first, we just waited for a few levelers to hit 80 so we could start raiding. We started out half-PUG'ing 10 Naxx, and slowly built up over the coming months, running full guild 10 man's and starting to half-PUG 25 mans. Now, we're running 25 mans with only half a dozen PUG's or so.

Our 25 mans will usually have a few PUG's. The guild we're running with is just a few short to comleting our 25 mans. Once we get enough people, we'll be doing our own 25 mans =). We currently have a set 10 man core group, and are looking to fill up our second 10 man team.
The current loot system is a "roll if you need it", with some loot council to rare/contested items.

If you think the <Angels of Corruption> is right for you, then come apply to our guild at:
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Hope to see you there!

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