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08-29-2009, 01:34 PM
I'm new to tanking and I needed to ask veteran DK tanks a question about our defensive cooldowns. Should these be used all the time when they are up or only in a Oh $#!@ situation? Sorry if its a dumb question but my guild is low on tanks and I want to start helping them out.

08-29-2009, 01:59 PM
First off, we've got a lot of cooldowns, and generally use them more liberally than other tanking classes. You can't chain them continuously, but you can plan to have 2-4 at your disposal, depending on your spec. Managing these cooldowns is vital.

An important consideration is using the 'best' cooldown, and managing the downtime. For example, I will continuously use AMS, as it has a 45 second recycle time, and it will be available almost every time I want it. IBF's two minute cooldown, for comparison, is long enough that I won't use it on small pulls or an incoming damage spike I know won't kill me (unless the healers are AFK), thus saving it for when I see a lot of incoming mobs/damage that could kill me.

The class specific cooldowns (VB, UA & BShield) are solid, but use a rune to trigger. This can make them a little trickier to have ready 'whenever', so you tend to use them in a planned fashion. IE, you're pulling a bunch of mobs, so you pop UA early in the pull to mitigate the damage. Alternately, you can use VB when healers are having issues, to give them more leeway to raid heal. It helps to communicate the use of these, as they can impact how healers need to react.

On a side note, Bone Shield can be proactively cast prior to a pull, starting the cooldown. By precasting, you can wait through the cooldown and have it ready to use and still have a few minutes on the active buff. Sorta of a two-for-one deal, though it's limited to the beginning of a pull.

Finally, consider Rune Tap, Mark of Blood and/or Antimagic Zone as part of your cooldown options. They don't seem as important, but provide useful options to supplement IBF and spec specific CDs. AMZ, for example, was great in some pulls in Ulduar, to the point healers were asking if any of the other DKs were unholy so the raid could have more reduction in AoE damage on some pulls/bosses.

08-29-2009, 06:23 PM
You should time your CDs with the "power up's" the boss you tank gain, e.g. Frozen Blows @ Hodir. If the boss hasn't any ups (like XT) you just cycle your CDs and maybe you keep one for "oh sh#t" moments depending how much you trust your healers.

09-01-2009, 01:06 PM
Thanks for the answer. I also need to ask about rotation. I have HB glyphed. Is this what I should be using?

Single Target: HB-BS-BS-OB...OB-OB-OB

AoE Target: DnD-HB-BB-BT-BB...HB-BB-BB

I wasn't sure about single target rotation in regards to using HB or IT-PS.

09-01-2009, 06:12 PM
The single disease rotation, via glyphed HB, does work with a notable decrease in damage/threat in favor of ease of use. With 3.2 and the increasing reliance on diseases, there is a high damage reward for doing the IT/PS set up. I've not kept on the math, though my napkin says two disease >> one disease.

I do use 'only' the glyph HB for myself, largely as it lets me worry less about getting all the mobs as much as focusing on the encounters (IE, I don't watch debuffs as much, so I look for the fire on the ground). Barring gimmicks or a melee player without threat reduction talents, it works fine. Note that DKs without Subversion are by far the #1 culprit for threat, as every other class is range or has some innate DPS talent/skill that include a threat reduction. Ironic IMO>