View Full Version : [H-US-PVP] PST Blackrock <Something Novel> T-TH 8-12 ST

08-29-2009, 12:06 AM
Something Novel is a newly formed Blackrock raiding guild composed mostly of geared and experienced raiders seeking a progression-oriented raiding guild without an overwhelming schedule. Some of our member-base includes raiders from top US raiding guilds (Forgotten Heroes of Black Dragonflight, US 17th; Downtime of Shattered Hand, US 125th; and Insomnia of Tichondrius, US 310th) and we intend to hold up a high standard of play to work our way towards a server and US competitive rank over the coming months.

Our recruitment push has been going better than expected. While we're going to keep recruitment open to all classes we are now prioritizing the following:
-1 Mage
-1 Feral Druid Dps
-1 Spriest
-1 Competent Holy Pally
-1 Boomkin

Our raid times are Tues-Thurs 8-12 server time, with infrequent offday raids to help push through new content.

Potential members should:
-Have some experience with Uld25 and ToC25
-Have the gear to step into Uld and ToC and be effective
-Be available for all raid times and keep a reasonable level of attendance from week to week
-Have a commitment to staying abreast of the proper ways to min/max their toon with each patch and always make sure to have the best possible gear/gem/enchant/spec configuration to succeed in raids.

Players that can't tolerate adult conversation, cluttered vent chatter, or off-color comments need not apply. Also, while I'm not a screamer and seldom raise my voice, I do expect that people will deal well with constructive criticism when it is offered and make adjustments quickly and without needless arguing.

If you are interested in a trial with us please either PST Sparan or Lelexia in game, or go to something-novel.com and throw up an application!