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08-28-2009, 07:48 AM
Im looking for any advice as to where to go from here. Mainly a Gylph and Talent nit pick....I think my gear is ok Im in a VERY CASUAL guild at the moment so my gear is Limited to 10 Man Naxx (LOL Maybe) , Badge Gear, and craftables....

As far as my Gear Goes the only thing I can see that is lollerskates is my bracers which is my next upgrade with the Dalran Badge bracers or the Ones from Old Kingdom as far as that should I just slowly replace my ToC gear and others with the conquest stuff? And some advice on my shield too and a real enchant for my Peacekeeper Blade I haven't decided yet and im looking for advice as to which one it should be.

So please constructive criticism is very welcomed here

08-28-2009, 08:29 AM
Hard to say on gear, it looks like you logged out in your dps set.

However, as far as your spec goes..I'd drop the points you have in Imp. Bloodrage, it's not needed imho. You should put them in Gag Order and I'd also shift some points around and go 3/3 in Armored to the Teeth, could take them out of Focused Rage. I'd suggest going with the cookie cutter 15/5/51 spec with the content your tanking now.

Also, I'd loss the Glyph of Enraged, its a waste. Let your healers worry about your health regen. Personally, if your just focusing on Naxx, I'd go with glyph of Blocking/Revenge/HS or maybe Cleave if you will be doing alot of OTing. The Devistate one is good if you will be doing alot of boss tanking, but I'd also lose the SW, it's not that great imho.

08-28-2009, 08:43 AM
Yeah I see that now Im currently not able to Log On.....Girlfriend aggro...im trying to get a WoW Heros link

08-28-2009, 01:59 PM
I moved around some talents and updated my Glyphs and my wow armory is updated now.

08-28-2009, 02:58 PM
Some issues with your gear:

First off - you aren't crit-capped, 539 is good for heroics, but if you step into a raid, you're running the risk of eating a crit from some savage brute.

Next, I would change your meta from the 5% block to the %2 armor value (Austere earthsiege I think)

Thirdly, if you feel like you need to gem for avoidance, don't go whole hog with a straight dodge gem like the one you're rocking in your shoulders. Hybrid x/stam gems are the way to go if you're not gemming straight stam. Purple gems fill your meta requirements just as well as a red.

Finally some enchats, I know they are blue bracers, but splurge and get major stamina on your bracers. It'll probably cost less than 100g to get the enchant and you'll pick up a quick 400 health. Also, Titanium weapon chain? Accuracy is better, blood draining is even more betterer.

08-28-2009, 03:22 PM
Yeah, getting to 540 defense for raids is a must, after that I'd look into grabbing the 111 stam trinket from H AN, maybe the shield from H CoS and as you mentioned the bracers from H OK.

Personally I LIKE the titanium weapon chain. I lobbed blood draining on my peacekeeper even though I intend to replace it in fairly short order, however. If you're low on cash though and are a blacksmith who's probably made a bunch of chains already...the weapon chain is a good alternative.

Other things you can pick up from badges are the conquest neck, conquest belt, the valor ring (which has defense on it in addition to expertise AND hit) and the valor cloak (also has defense).

As far as spec goes, definitely ditch imp bloodrage and pick up AttT. Also, as was mentioned, Gag Order is a top notch talent you should also pick up...dropping 3 points from either focused rage (which I don't like doing as I'm a HUGE fan of the talent) or shield spec (which I did) to top off AttT and fill in Gag Order are your best bets. Also if you're not going to glyph Shield Wall you should probably not bother speccing imp disciplines either...might as well pick up a couple points in Cruelty.

I'm not a fan of the ER glyph or SWave glyph either...I like devastate and vigilance (because we have a mage who does all the dps and threat ever and vigilancing him is double glorious because nobody can ever catch me on threat when I do that)...after that you have a bunch of options (Shield wall, revenge, HS, blocking...all pretty reasonable).

Consider your nits picked.

08-28-2009, 03:50 PM
Yeah you caught me in ToC as I got my new ring and it left me at 539 So i threw the Defense on my bracers....THank you guys very much I changed around my gylphs and Talent spec and working on my bracers as we speak...