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08-27-2009, 08:39 PM
As a raid leader, i spend alot of time during raid setting up assignments for the current boss. Fights like FL+4(25), IC(25) hard and Thorim(25) hard take some time to set up. Especially if you are just learning the fights. Back in BC there was a website wowguru.net or something to that effect that had strat's posted with copy and paste raid assignments. I kind of miss that and would like to see what raid assignments you guys use. For example here is a template i use. Just want to see how you guys do it. If there is any interest i can post more. Also one last thing. Awesome new addon that's out on wowace. Its called orderofbattle. It is used specifically for these long raid assignments. Check it out.


Siege Engine 1: Driver: {} Gunner: {}
Siege Engine 2: Driver: {} Gunner: {}
Siege Engine 3: Driver: {} Gunner: {}
Siege Engine 4: Driver: {} Gunner: {}

Dedicated Demo 1: Driver: {} Gunner: {}
Dedicated Demo 2: Driver: {} Gunner: {}

Team 1:
Demo Driver: {}
Chopper: {}
Launcher 1{cross}: {}
Launcher 2{star}: {}

Team 2:
Demo Driver: {}
Chopper: {}
Launcher 1{circle}: {}
Launcher 2{square}: {}

Team 3:
Demo Driver: {}
Chopper: {}
Launcher 1{triangle}: {}
Launcher 2{diamond}: {}

Extra Chopper Driver: {}

08-31-2009, 04:03 AM
We set up the standard raid layout (that used for most events) the same way every night. Tanks are in group 1, melee folks in groups 1 and 2, ranged in groups 3 and 4, healers in group 5, standby folks in groups 6 and 7. After each event, we rotate folks in and out, if you're in groups 1-5, you're in for the next boss.

For Flame Leviathan-25 specifically, my folk favors the use of group-oriented assignments:

Group 1 drives siege engines
Group 2 drives choppers
Group 3 drives demolishers
Group 4 are demolisher gunners
Group 5 are siege gunners
For the "hard mode", we put two ranged folks in group 2 and mark them with symbols, with similar markings on two folks in group 4. Those two pairs rotate launching and gunning the two launching demolishers, with the other three demolishers using permanent gunners. When the raid forms and heads in to Ulduar-25, we set up the groups, mark the launch folks, and everyone knows their role.

Similarly, for Thorim, we send groups 4 and 5 into the tunnel and groups 1 through 3 stay in the arena. Folks don't need to ask whether they're going tunnel or arena, they just look at what group they are in and we're off. We do have to spell out ranged clusters for Thorim hard phase 2, though, which takes a moment. For Hodir and Vezax, it is group 3 ranged left, group 4 ranged right. The only things we specify for AoI hard are the tank shift lineup, static soakers, and the method (SS or BR) being used to revive the first tank to allow him to take the fourth shift if needed.

Using groups to indicate assignments and being consistent about how those assignments are used are very helpful in getting events underway with a minimum of fuss.

--Peitho Pon'dera

09-01-2009, 04:14 PM
Yeah we do the same deal with group assignment of vehicles:

Group 1 [Seige Driver] ... Group 2 [Seige Gunner]
Group 3 [Demo Driver] ... Group 4 [Demo Gunner]
Group 5 [Chopper]

and look who's across from ya and that's who your paired with :)

09-03-2009, 02:52 AM
This addon is very good for the purposes you've described.
Boss Notes - Addons - Curse (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/boss-notes.aspx)