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08-27-2009, 09:01 AM
<A Steamy Romance Novel>
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Raid Schedule:
Sunday - Thursday
7:30pm - 11:30pm CST (Detheroc Server Time)
Progress: (8/9 Hard Modes - FL, XT, Steelbreaker, Thorim, Hodir, Mimiron, Freya, Vezax)
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Currently Working On: Yogg +1 / Algalon

Brief Introduction
A Steamy Romance Novel (http://www.srnguild.com/) is an end-game raiding guild based on the Detheroc PvP server (established 7/14/09). Our guild is the result of a merger between guilds <Forgot to Repair> and <Theory>; guilds that have had a long standing and successful history on the Detheroc server. Due to the stagnant recruitment pool of Detheroc and attendance issues, both guilds have decided to put forth their effort collectively to progress through end game content.

We strive to be a competitive end-game PvE guild without making raiding feel like a big chore. Because raiding is our primary activity as a guild, we make sure our raiding environment is serious to avoid as much downtime as possible. We are looking for raiders that can take constructive criticism, so thick skin is a must. In addition, we all acknowledge that this is a video game, and we do our best to keep raids as enjoyable as possible while being a competitive guild.

We also enjoy doing battlegrounds and 10-mans during our offtime as we have many players that enjoy playing the game outside of raiding hours. Our usual 10-mans are scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays.

Current Class Needs (as of 8/27/09)
Note: We are constantly seeking exceptional applicants of every class regardless of spec, so take the following list lightly.
Priest: Shadow
Shaman: Enhancement
Paladin: Holy
Druid: Resto
Death Knight: Tank
Paladin: Protection

Standard Criteria
Initiative: You've read strategies, obtained consumables, and are ready to raid at any given time. You have a desire to continually improve your gameplay. We want people who are good, but always striving to be better.

Dedication and Reliability: We are looking for dedicated individuals that 1. strive to be the best at what they do and 2. want to progress as fast as possible. We need to be able to rely on you to be there on difficult nights when we try to beat new content. We need to know if you'll be flaking out on us during tough times or leave during the middle of the raid on a consistent basis. We require all raiders to maintain 90% attendance and give notice ahead of time if something comes up.

Goals: We are looking for players that prioritize the guild's goals over their own personal agendas. This means that an ideal applicant will not cause any conflicts or drama when it comes to loot or raid spot as they are not as important to you than is progression. We try to maintain a roster of 3 players of each class and we are very fair on how we rotate raiders (if ever needed) to make sure that raiders that are up for a certain item get into the encounters they need.

Skill: You need to able to adapt to changing situations and go above and beyond the basic assignment asked of you. You need to be able to think for yourself so that you can do your assigned job as well as help others. Twitch and fast reaction times are needed for you to do the job that will be required of you.

Experience: We're looking for people who've been there for the wipes and learned the boss fights. We are mostly only interested in people who are only slightly behind on the latest content. We give more weight to applicants who have been raiding for 2+ years although we will consider those with less. We are looking for people who have LEARNED boss fights with their guilds and not been carried through on farm status.

Gear: You need to show that you put time, effort, and thought into your gear. You gear is a reflection of your knowledge of how your class works and your dedication to improving your character. We usually are looking for people geared in as close to the highest level as possible, but we will consider phenomenal apps from people that are somewhat undergeared.

Personality: A Steamy Romance Novel has a strong guild personality and you will need to fit in with us. This means that you can take a joke, have a good sense of humor, and can take constructive criticism from the officers. While we don't have an aggressive, abusive atmosphere, we do consider feedback critical to success. You need to be able to take criticism when you make a mistake and you need to be able to let the criticism roll off without it stressing you out.

How To Apply
To apply, visit our forums at A Steamy Romance Novel - Powered by vBulletin (http://forums.srnguild.com) and register for a forum account (no e-mail verification necessary). Click the application link on the top of the page and fill it out in its entirety. Take the application seriously as that is the only thing we'll have to get a gist of who you are aside from your gear and experience.

If you have any questions regarding recruitment or the guild in general, feel free to send a tell to one of our officers in-game (preferably during non-raid times) or shoot an e-mail to jin@srnguild.com.

Officers: Imajin, Drmanhattan, Skrull, Dagronjr, Justus, Festigio, Undeadreaper, Biggyslim

08-27-2009, 10:03 PM
Bump! Freya down on our second night of attempts. Working on Yogg +1 / Algalon! Looking for a few more exceptional players!