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08-26-2009, 02:08 PM
Velocity, formerly known as Splinter back in TBC is now open for recruitment. We once started up as Genesis, on the realm Magtheridon EU, cleared our way up to The Sunwell, but due the dying alliance side, we decided to transfer here, to Grim Batol, to continue our raiding through Sunwell, with WoTLK hitting, we had Sunwell cleared and farmed for a few weeks.

After claiming server first Glory of the Heroic Raider, and server seconds throughout the Ulduar heroic easymode content. We've killed 8/9 hard modes in Ulduar and we're now looking to strenghten our roster for heroic coliseum!

Currently looking for exceptional TANKS yes hi tankspot :D! All kinds of tanks, warriors, druids, paladins, death knights.


What can you expect from us?
We offer you 5 days quality raiding per week, you'll get the chance to be a part of a team filled up with people who know exactly what they're doing.
We're offering you a trial in a guild that has a very bright future when it comes to raiding, do you want to be up there challenging the other top guilds in server firsts? You've found the right guild!
We're all playing this game because we think it's so much fun, so you can prepare for some really enjoyable raiding.
Compared to a lot of other guilds out there, we're very democratic, the members voice is something that really matters a lot to us officers, we do our very very best to satisfy every single one of our members.
Our officer team consists of a very experienced pack of leaders, old Guild Masters etc.

What do we expect from you? Before all else, you have the knowledge about your class into every talent point, stat and ability.
We expect you to be one of those who really burn for raiding, you're eager to see new content, and you love to do it the hard way, not after a nerf, you're looking for real challenges.
Even though the boss you're currently killing is on farm status, you still strive towards perfection, you can always improve. Giving up is not in our dictionary, so it shouldn't be in yours either.
You're able to follow a raiding schedule of 5 days a week, first pull at 19:15 and ending the raid at 23:00, with reservation for overtime late into the night when it's really needed for progress.
You have a good sense of humour and you know when to laugh around, and you can strictly, from laughing your ass off switch back to 110% focus when it's needed.
You are 18 years old or over, though this is not a 100% firm rule exceptions will be made if you are seen to be mature enough.
Maybe most important of all, you enjoy it, you are raiding because you think it's loads of fun.

For further information, please go read on our website (http://velocitypve.guildomatic.com/).
Some additional information: We're currently raiding 5 days a week, (Wed/Thur/Mon/Tue) 19:00-23:00, Sun(19:00-23:00) With reservation for overtime due to progress. We're using a loot system called EPGP, to keep the loot spread out on the guild members as correctly as possible, the loot goes to the people who really deserve it.

Our officer team consists of: Chispy, Jucifer, Dabears and Snö

Are you the person we're looking for? Go t[/URL]o [URL="http://velocitypve.guildomatic.com"]our website (http://velocitypve.guildomatic.com) and fill in an application.
Non public applies are also welcome and will be treated confidentially. To do a non-public apply, please PM any of the officers on our homepage. Any questions are welcome, contact our officers either in game or by PMing at our homepage.
Our public forum is also open for questions.

08-28-2009, 12:18 AM