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08-26-2009, 08:34 AM
Monsters Inc is always looking for good players to aid us in our raids. If you are looking for a new raiding guild, please read below and look by our website located at Monstersguild.net - Portal (http://www.monstersguild.net/) for more information.

Minc is a 25 man progress guild currently working on Ulduar hard modes.
Our raiding schedule is (server time):
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: 19:15 - 24:00

We have cleared 10 man hardmodes. Working on Algalon.

25 man hardmode progress:

# Flame Leviathan - Completed

# XT-002 Deconstructor - Completed

# Hodir - Completed

# Thorim - Completed

# Iron Council - In progress

# Freya - +1 elder downed

# Mimiron - In progress

# General Vezax - In progress

# Yogg-Saron - +3 Keepers downed

We expect the following from players that apply:

-You are able to join atleast 4 of the 5 raiding days listed above. High attendance is crucial for progress raids, therefore we cannot afford to switch people out on every single day of attempts on a specific encounter.
-You are experienced, have 25 man Ulduar/Naxx gear. The player is more important than the gear, but to keep up with hard modes you need to have a decent hps/tps/dps.
-You can support yourself with flasks and food for your task. We expect people to be prepared for raids and flasks and foods are a MUST.
-You write/speak decent english. Communication is a key to proper raiding and understanding tactics, thus this is an absolute MUST.
-You have Ventrillo. This is crucial when raiding and is an absolute MUST, a mic is not required but is convenient.
-You are mature and can listen. You need to be able to hold your tongue in raids and not flood ventrilo/raidchat/guildchat with unnecessary talk during raids.
-You must be able to keep an overview. Don't go tunnelvision and stay aware of your surroundings.
-You are motivated and passionate for raiding. It will become obvious if you don't give 100% in raids and not only do we require 100% performance in raids but also we require you to know your class inside out, preferable in every talent tree.
-You can take criticism. You don't go emorage if you get told you're doing a bad job, we don't aim to hurt people, but to have an optimal setup.

What can we offer you:

-A fun and friendly raiding environment. Raiding and progressing is what we define as fun, and we hope you share that opinion.
-A chance to see the latest raiding content. We are a progression guild, we aim to beat every encounter in the game and we don't stop after a 1st kill.
-A potential 7 day raid schedule consisting of:
25 mans Sunday to Thursday
10 mans Friday and Saturday
-Alt runs to raid instances outside the schedule.

Classes we are in high need of at the moment:

Class Spec

Warrior All specs
Paladin All specs
Druid Feral/resto
Priest Disc/holy

If you want to know more, please;

Visit our website: Monstersguild.net - Portal (http://www.monstersguild.net)
Or contact one of our officers: Dreadlax, Exrex , Firestalker or Killersnake