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08-26-2009, 08:20 AM
Hello All,

Hoping to get some constructive criticism from some of the more experienced/knowledgeable warrior tanks out there.

After taking a long break from WoW I started playing in Wotlk about a month ago on what used to be my warrior alt in BC (previously I ran a mage).

At this point I have mostly badge/ToC5/H ToC5 gear which is all level 213+ I believe.

I had and still have the belief that avoidance tanking is better then just stacking stamina, hence I have been trying to keep a balance between EH and avoidance which has worked just fine leading up to the first few bosses in Uld10.

However, we attempted ToC10 and I just get hit VERY hard (on the Northern Beasts encounter) and it seems healers have a tough time keeping me up.
This is odd because I ran a ToC25 pug and we cleared the same encounter with me MT'ing it. Of course there were 2 healers spamming me.

Currently I have about 60-65% avoidance (I'm not in front of WoW now so not sure exactly what my exact chance to be missed is), 31k unbuffed HP (~38k raid buffed).

Please take a look at my armory and recommend any changes I should/need to make.

Should I swap out some gems for pure stam at the expense of dodge/hit/expertise?
Maybe I'm just still undergeared for ToC10? or perhaps the healer wasn't doing a very good job?
Armory Link

Thanks for the advice!

08-26-2009, 08:56 AM
The new TOC Raid is a bit weird in terms of what type of tank you want to be. In Ulduar, it was all about stacking stam since bosses hit very hard - potentially one shotting you if you couldn't soak an unmitigated hit.

For the TOC Raid, I have yet to encounter a boss that deals enough damage to be notable - MAYBE getting 4 or more stacks of the debuff from Gormok. I've been wearing a set that keeps me Hit capped and Expertise capped. It seems like TOC is all about being a highly attentive, mobile tank while producing good threat.

+10 stats to chest could be replaced with +HP or +Defense. No shoulder enchant - use the Sons of Hodir or the PVP enchants.

As to the problem you were having in TOC 10...it could have been the healers. Just don't be hasty to point fingers unless you know you're doing everything you can to survive (cooldown management, not standing in stuff you shouldn't be standing in, etc). It also might be wise to check your combat log to see exactly what happened to you. Even better, you could use recount (or similar), which has a Death feature where you can see exactly what happened to you 10 seconds before your death.

I'm not sure what type of benchmarks would be good for the TOC Raid, but I'd imagine your numbers are good enough? A new shield would be nice. Also, there are TONS and TONS of Ulduar upgrades for you, so keep working on that.

08-26-2009, 05:05 PM
I dunno about other warriors but Northrend beasts seems to be the fight where I get punished the most. One hit followed closely by Icehowls headbutt thing and I'm so low I start seeing wings and sacrifices and all other external cooldowns and I'm running 55% avoidance and 38k unbuffed =/

If at all possible make sure to pug 25 Ulduar. If you get anything more than FL thats good, FL drops a good weapon and some nice bracers. Both would be massive upgrades. Go check your ah and look for Northern Barrior. Also keep running normal ToC for the stam trinket, it's 3 times better than Valor Medal.

Hope that helped!

08-31-2009, 06:04 AM
Well I ended up re-gemming and re-enchanting a lot of my gear and got a boost of 1500-2000 HP at the expense of ~1-1.5% dodge and some parry rating.

I am still at 25+% dodge so I figured it would be worthwhile, and I'm currently sitting at about 40-41k HP raid buffed.

Panttz by stam trinket I assume you mean Black Heart? I already have it.
Although some people have suggested swapping medal of valor for essense of gossamer i'm somewhat reluctant to lose the 2% dodge rating.

I think in the long run what is avoided with dodge will be more then gaining 1k hp. A few times I miraculously survived by dodging and parrying attacks when I had 2-3k hp left!

To me I think Icehowl is probably the easiest part of Northern Beasts (at least to tank). As long as no one is dumb enough to get hit by the charge the encounter is very easy.

I'm going to try and run a 25man Ulduar this week and hope for an upgrade or 2.

08-31-2009, 08:47 AM
Looking over this post again, seems you made some good changes based on whats been said. To continue with that, if it were me I would make 3 changes to your current setup. Change the shoulder gem to a def + stam gem. I would also change the sword gem to a def + stam gem. Last I would change your shield enchant to +22 def. If you eat Rhinolicious Wormsteak, which you should be as a tank, imo, I always do. The loss of hit and exp is low and should be mostly unnoticable. The gain in def and stam and overall EH is higher than the small losses in agro.

Hope that makes sense.

Change shoulder to def + stam gem
Change Shield to + def enchant
Change sword gem to def + stam

If you use blue gems Net losses/gains
+22 Def
+6 Stam
-8 Exp
-8 Hit

I feel the gains outweigh the losses, though you are free to do as you wish. Hope this helps some.

08-31-2009, 02:09 PM
Dont forget that Gormok the Impaler CAN be disarmed, preventing him from impaling. If you don't have any other rogues or warriors in the group, just hit this right before he impales the first time, and hit it again every time it comes off cooldown. If you have another warrior and/or some rogues in the group, work out a rotation. Say you disarm him first, then when your disarm wears off and impale is about to come again, the next guy disarms, and so on. If you're lucky enough to have 3 or more people with that ability in the raid you can pretty much prevent him from ever impaling and the fight becomes ridiculously easy.

Also, make sure people are burning the snobolds QUICKLY. If one of those nasty things gets on the healer and doesn't die QUICK, you're screwed. On the worms, make sure people with paralytic toxin are running to the guys with the fire debuff, and on Icehowl, make sure nobody gets hit when he charges. So long as everyone in your raid has rougly the same level of gear as you do, the only thing that should wipe you is a lack of coordination.