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08-26-2009, 04:40 AM
Project X

We are a PvE Guild on the European Server Azsune, We are a guild that aims for high standards both in and out of raids.

We were formed during the spring and we were among the really fast progressing guilds on the servers, after 1 month of 25man ulduar raiding, we had progressed all the way to general. The only boss we had left before the summer break was yoggie.

Since we were such a fast expanding and fast progressing guild, we couldn't handel the summer raid stop and we lost members to diffrent guilds.

We are now a stable 10man raiding guild that got potential to get back to 25man raiding, in 10man we are currently one hardmode away from unlocking Algalon the Observer.

Our raiding days are following:

Wednesday: 19.30-23.00

Thursday: 19.30-23.00


Those are the scheduled raiding days, and please note that we are using gametime for our raid times.

Because of the fact that we are a high end raid guild we got certain requirements:

* PvE-Experiance in end game.
* High attendance
* Basic tactics on new bosses, so we don't have to spend time on tactics
* Be prepared, which means that you have atleast flasks and potions with you
* Have Ventrilo and understand English

If you fulfil these requirements, feel free to fill in an application on our homepage (Project X - WowStead (http://www.project-x.wowstead.com/)) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. It shouldn't take more then a few days tops to get a replay, but if we can't decide what to do, we will give you a replay to indicate that we need some more time but are aware of your application.

We are currently recruting:

1 Paladin (Holy)
1-2 Warlocks
2 Preists (Holy/disc) (dps)
2 Druids (resto) (balance)
1-2 Mages
1-2 Death Knight (dps) (tank)
1 Warrior (tank)
1 Rogue
1-2 Shamans (reso) (enhancement)
1 Hunter

Don't be affraid to apply even though you can't find your specc in the list, we consider all applications and who knows it might be your lucky day.

To apply visit our homepage:


If you got any further questions or having a hard time navigating on our site feel free to contact Tearana, Lashyra, Hielenlikker or Seraphics in game

Thanks for your time and I hope to see your application soon :)
Tearana aka Lashyra

08-30-2009, 02:32 PM
1 deathknight spot is filled (tank one)
2 shaman slots are filled
1 paladin slot is filled

09-09-2009, 01:08 AM
warrior tank spot is full
holy paladin spot full
1 warlock spot left
druids spots are still free
mage spots are free
1 shaman (reso/elemental) is still needed
2 rogues are needed still
1 hunter spot is free
1-2 Preist (holy/disc) are still wanted

09-15-2009, 03:29 AM
hunter - full
death knight - 1 tank
mage - 1
rogue - 1
warlock - full
druid - 1 balance
paladin - full
preist - 1/2 holy/disc
shaman - full
warrior - full