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Typically a warrior shouldnt be the aoe tank, they normally should be the boss tank because they have the best single boss midigation of damage.

Typically you want the druid pally or deathkngiht tank to be on the adds in a boss fight, while there midigation lacks in comparison to a warrior, they have more aoe threat abilities that put them on top over warriors in that area.

Pallys shine in aoe tanking with consecrate and melee strikes that hit multiple people, plus the best +block chance ability.

In the case that you have two warrior tanks (which is very bad, and means your raid leader isnt smart at putting together group composition) theres really nothing much you can do aside from asking the dpsers to wait a couple seconds for you to build threat.

I dont know much about warriors so i cant give you specific advice on how to improve your aoe tanking, but there is really no specific stat that will improve your aoe tanking.

I hope this info should help. Just remember make sure that if you are the only warrior in a raid sitution you should be on boss, the non-warrior tank typically needs to be on adds on less they beat you on gear by a huge margin.

Hope this helps.

were you born this ignorant or did you have to take lessons?