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08-25-2009, 03:25 PM
-*~<( Evolution )>~*-

Evolution is a long-term raiding guild on the Dragonmaw server who are looking for members for progression through 25-man Ulduar and the latest content. We are currently 12/14 in Ulduar.

The guild is currently lead by Wizz, as the Guild Leader along with Dreamforger and Alunium as the council members and Theriga/Deathndk with Rieka as commanders.


We are currently looking for the following classes. Please feel free to apply as all applications will be considered - Extra priority will be given to active Tanks and Healers main specs.


Death Knight - Tanks only
Druid - Open
Hunter - Open
Mage - Open
Paladin - Protection
Priest - All
Rogue - Open
Shaman - Open
Warlock - Open
Warrior - Open

Raid times are 8-11pm Server Time (GMT +1) and we raid Wednesday, Thursdays, and Sundays Mondays /Tuesdays (sometimes both days).

We do request that you are online 15-20 minutes before the raid is due to begin, and that you accept or decline raid invitations at least one hour before the raid is going to begin.

If you are unable to make a raid that you have been invited to, we askthat you decline or send someone a message in guild via the game post or an SMS to an officer.

We are looking for friendly and mature players. We consider players of any age providing that you act with maturity and will listen to raid leaders.
We look forplayers who are dedicated, active, enthusiastic and have a decent sense of humour.

It should go without saying that we expect you to be ready for raid's in terms of repairs, flasks, enchantments.

Evolution are a Guild of mature players who have been raiding togther for a long time, with minimum drama. We ask taht you treat other members as you would expect to be treated.

You can apply at: Evolution - World of Warcraft Guild (Dragonmaw EU) (http://www.evolutionmmo.co.uk/)

If you have any questions feel free to contact Wizz, Dreamforger, Theriga/Deathndk, Alunium or Rieka in-game or leave a post on our website - Evolution - World of Warcraft Guild (Dragonmaw EU) (http://www.evolutionmmo.co.uk/). You may also contact any of our other members if our GMs are not available in game.

Guild Leader - Wizz
Council - Dreamforger, Alunium
Commander - Theriga/Deathndk, Rieka