View Full Version : [H-US] <Hax> HM Progression guild, 3days/week, LFM. Casual but Good.

08-25-2009, 12:14 PM

Server: [PST-PVE] US Lightbringer Horde
Raid Schedule: Tuesdays, Thurdays, Sundays
Raid times: 6:30 - 10 PM PST (10.5 hrs/week)
Progression: 13/14 (Uld25)
Hard Modes: 3/9
10 mans: GotUR completed & Algalon defeated (Wed & Mon)
Coliseum: 4/4
Loot: Loot Council
Site: Hax - a World of Warcraft Horde raiding guild on Lightbringer (US) (http://www.hax-guild.net/)


1 Boomkin
1-2 DPS (Death Knight, Hunter, Rogue, or Mage)


We're a bunch of dudes who enjoy raiding while still keeping the RLz in perspective. Tall order. Yes, some of us are nerds with obscenely high achievement points, raided throughout Vanilla and TBC, and have ridiculous /played time across multiple alts. Some of us are pvp arena ragers. Some of us have been on Lightbringer since Day 1. Some of us were a group transfer from an RP server. Some of us are Canadian (we're sorry). The basic theme is, though, most of us have girlfriends/wives or enjoy seeing daylight once in a while, and all of us kick ass.

We're not about "HOMFG SERVER FIRSTS", but we are, without question, determined to beat the content Blizzard horfs at our feet. If you're disappointed by this lack of moral fibre and are more about getting listed on Wowprogress, we definitely recommend you apply to a more hardcore guild.

However, if you're more interested in retaining your "In a Relationship" status on Facebook, and still raiding the World of Warcraft at the same time, we might just match your idea of a raiding guild. Especially if you're looking to raid with some of the coolest motherf*ckers around. Don't tell the other guilds we said that.


We have absolutely 0 interest in carrying bads, so performance is something we're pretty damn hard on. Don't let our dropping of the term "casual" fool you into thinking we don't raid good. Our "yeah, we understand people have real lives" shpiel doesn't mean that we don't care that you're putting out 2k dps on boss fights and S-keying out of void zones and clicking half your spells. We expect people to bring flasks, feasts, reagents, repair, etc., for progression fights the same way we expect people to drop their pants before they take a dump. It should be an action that requires about as much thought as breathing.


Attendance is something we're a tad more understanding on. I mean, we gots lives and wives (and hives). If you've got finals or a hard week of work coming up, we're cool with that. If you miss 2-4 weeks in a row with no notice, we wouldn't be so cool with that. There's a difference between "real life" and "never showing up and thus crippling the raid", and of course we want to be informed when you're going to be missing a raid.


You, as a person, matter deeply to us. We want you to fit in and actually like being in the guild. We've had enough of That Guy in our guild. You know. That Guy. People groan when he starts to speak on vent. And they make fun of him when he's not around (and check the guild list to make sure he's not around). That Guy. Obviously we can't make up rules for personality, and even guidelines are pretty tough, but there are a couple quick tips I can throw out:

1. If you can't handle much swearing and hilariously offensive jokes, this is definitely not the guild for you. We recommend Hello Kitty Online.
2. If you're a e-drama-wh*re, stop reading right now. We have zero tolerance for real drama. We like keeping our guild very zen. The feng shui has to be exactly right.
3. If you're a girl, we would like pix.
4. Just kidding.
5. But, I mean, if you really want to send us pix, my email is right here...


Find out more about our guild, goals, and expectations on our website: Hax - a World of Warcraft Horde raiding guild on Lightbringer (US) (http://www.hax-guild.net/)