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08-25-2009, 08:30 AM
Hey Guys,

It's been awhile, but I'm back and asking about the same thing. I am nervous of course cause I will not be running this with my guild, since we are small. So I would like you take a look at my gear and let me know what improvements I can make. Currently I am getting the daily heroic done everyday, in order to buy a ring for my set, also I am almost ready to buy the emblems of conquest tank legs. So what do you think keep going same direction? I would like to do ToC10 or Uld 10 soon. Just don't know if I am geared enough for that yet.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Antonidas&n=Childeroland)


08-25-2009, 03:35 PM
Your gear is good, but it's hard to completely tell unless you're actually in prot spec. You're in arms with prot gear lol.

08-25-2009, 08:55 PM
Sorry, forgot to log out in tank set and talents. I have corrected this, take a look and let me know.


08-25-2009, 09:10 PM
Get the legs from normal ToC. Much better then the legs you can get from emblems of conquest.

08-26-2009, 08:02 AM
Your gemming seems little weird. For raid tanking I'd suggest Austere earthsiege diamond and while you need to use one red gem to activate that meta, try to find a red socket for it so you can activate socket bonus for extra stats.

As for the question if you're ready or not, your gear is certainly good enough for Ulduar10 and ToC10. Should work even for 25man versions.

08-26-2009, 10:56 AM
22 defense to chest would let you change a defense gem to a +30 stam for a net gain in health and defense rating.

Armsman>+18 stam on your mittens.

Blade ward is slightly better than mongoose for your weapon.

Previous poster's comment about your meta was correct. SBV isn't ideal for a warrior tank.

08-26-2009, 12:06 PM
Oh Hey, you're on Antonidas too - say hello sometime!

08-27-2009, 04:41 AM
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the input, yeah ive been wanting bladeward real bad just havent come up with the funds yet. I will look at the META and try to fix. I just got the legs from Emblems of conquest last night. My avoidance went through the roof too. I'm so happy with them, now im just working on the triumph def ring and I will regem tonight and see how that works.