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Current requirements (Oct 12th)
High: DPS Warrior, Shamans (resto, ele, enh), Druid (balance)
Medium: Paladin (holy), Druid (resto), Hunter, a really good rogue
Low: 1 really good warlock
if you are that good, we'll take you in no matter the class

Our Raiding Schedule
Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday — 20:00 to 00:00 (be online from around 19:30 onwards).

Our Progress
10man - Glory of the Ulduar Raider & Algalon
10man - Tribute to Mad Skill
25man - 4/5 ToTGC

AO In a Nutshell
AO is about letting people with "Real Lives" experience the end-game content. We have a relatively light and structured raiding schedule (tues/weds/sun, 20:00-00:00, fixed) but we take our raids and gaming seriously; the philosophy is quality over quantity. We value "nice people" who fit in with our social vibe as much as our gaming aspirations: we'd rather take a nice guy with good dps, than an !@#$%^& with amazing dps.

"Raiding for grown-ups" would make a pretty good tagline for the guild.

What we're looking for
- You're a grown-up (or at least act like one most of the time).
- You are able to communicate in English.
- You have a stable ISP and decent computer.
- You have exceptional knowledge of your class and game mechanics.
- You take raiding seriously and PvE progress is your primary goal.
- You understand that WoW is a game.

Application Process
Visit Archaic Order (http://www.archaicorder.com). Create a forum account and use the template to post your application to this forum. Pay very close attention to the formatting: failing at bbcode in your application is not a good start! If you'd like to talk to us ingame first then the officers are Iots, Waff, Shaorma (and Tigarr); but feel free to buzz anyone for a chat.

We'll acknowledge your application and you'll probably be asked some questions about it, so check the forum regularly. It normally takes us a few days to a week to make a decision.

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Progress & Requirements updated.

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