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08-24-2009, 09:43 PM
Cult of the Wyrm is a guild on the Winterhoof (US / PVE / CST) server looking for more people to fill out our raid teams.

Cult of the Wyrm - Welcome to Cult of the Wyrm! (http://cultofthewyrm.com/)

We're currently running two groups:

Daytime 10-man group focused on having a consistent 10-man group that will work exclusively on hard modes. This group raids from 11AM - 3PM server time (Central) Wed/Thu/Fri. This group is currently working on early Ulduar hard modes and achievements and working towards a full clear, as well as working on the easy modes of Trial of the Crusader. Our goal is to have a hard mode quality team by the time 3.3 hits.

Evenings 25-man softcore group clearing Naxx and working on Ulduar. This group raids Tues/Wed at 6P server. The emphasis is more on having fun and getting some loot rather than being a server-first/achievement oriented type raid squad. More days may be added in the future, and occasional mop-up days for the raids that aren't cleared in one day. Probably no weekend raids unless there's enough demand.

Our current needs are:

Daytime - 1-2 heals, 1-2 tanks, we're good on DPS. Applicants should be properly geared for Ulduar 10 and have a solid understanding of most of the fights and be interested in doing hard modes, including the learning type days where you just have to expect to wipe.

Evening - heals and tanks (as if you can get too many) with a priority on dual speced players for versatility in the raid.

We expect the following from new people:

Vent and a mic. We'd like you to talk, it helps a lot. If you can't we'll work with it but we'd prefer you to be able to communicate.

Omen, BigWigs/DeadlyBossMods for raid addons. These are not optional, no matter how awesome you think you are at the game.

A stable internet connection and a PC of enough quality that you can't blame it on the computer when you die in a void zone or fire.

Ideal applicants will be able to show up for every raid either in the daytime or the evenings. Not necessarily both but doing one doesn't exclude you from the other.

If interested, check us out at Cult of the Wyrm - Welcome to Cult of the Wyrm! (http://cultofthewyrm.com/) and fill out an app using the link on the left side of the page. If you want to know more, feel free to ask for an officer and we'll try to help you out.