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08-24-2009, 06:28 AM
TLDR: Mature, friendly guild looking for mature, friendly healers and DPS for consistent, serious raiding 3 times a week. http://forum.imrama.net/, create an account and post your application in our recruitment forum.

What are we looking for?

2-3 Shaman (1 resto, 1 elemental, 1 enhancement)
2-3 Warlocks
1 Mage

We'd also consider applications from a DPS Death Knight, a DPS Warrior or a Moonkin. Even if your class isn't listed here, think about posting and we'll consider your application anyway.

We are not looking for tanks. We have plenty of those! Your maturity should shine through in your application. We have 15 year olds who fit in just fine and have had people in their mid-20s who didn't cut it in that respect, so age is not necessarily a problem. Candidates need to have a minimum level of Naxx 25/Ulduar 25 gear.

Who are we?

We're a 25 man raiding guild that has been around since the end of vanilla WoW. After a slow start in TBC, we managed to kill everything up to Archimonde and RoS (including Kael and Vashj) pre 3.0 and downed everything up to and including Felmyst before WotLK arrived.

How are we doing in WotLK?

We started raiding properly/regularly just after Christmas and had all content on farm pre 3.1. We are currently working on the hardmodes in Ulduar, with Orbit-uary (realm 16th) and Knock on Wood (realm 13th) achieved so far.

When do we raid?

We raid Thursdays from 20:15-23:30 CET, Sundays 20:15-23:30 CET and Tuesdays 20:15-23:30 CET. We expect our raiders to make most of those.

What sort of people are in our guild?

We've got a mix of Swedes, Norwegians, Belgians, Danes, British and (many) Irish. I'd guess that our average age is somewhere in the late 20s. We're fairly relaxed and like to keep our guild chat respectful and polite. Most of our members have serious real-life commitments which means that we can't give 5+ evenings a week to raiding. With that in mind, we aim to make the most of the 10 hours of raiding we do every week.

Still interested?

http://forum.imrama.net/, create an account and post your application using our template.

10-01-2009, 07:06 AM
Bump for updated classes, also Heartbreaker and Yogg+3 down.