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08-21-2009, 10:38 AM
<Social Life>
Social Life (http://www.sociallifegaming.com)

Social Life Raiders are of the old school variety: they have a solid knowledge of their class and the drive to continually improve. They’ve done their research. They know the fight. They’re prepared with consumables and buffed before the ready check. They’re self-sufficient but appropriately altruistic. SL Raiders demonstrate great synergy in the company of their guildmates and know how to have a good time.

We raid four nights per week:
Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon from 9 :00 PM to 12:00 AM EST.
-Currently working on Yogg Phase 2/3 and hard modes.
-25 Man achievements include FL 3 Tower, I Choose You Runemaster Molgeim
-10 Man achievements include FL 4 Tower, Heartbreaker, Crazy Cat Lady, Hodir Hard, Thorim Hard, Drive Me Crazy
-2/5 ToC 10 and 25
-Pre-Ulduar we cleared Sarth3D.

Members must maintain at least 70% attendance to qualify for Raider status.

Social Life is looking for the following raid positions:
Strong Ranged (Hunter, Warlock or Moonkin preferred)
Holy/Disc Priest
Resto Druid
Holy Pally
Strong Melee (DK or Rogue preferred)

Exceptional applications from ALL classes are encouraged, the classes we are requesting are not necessarily the ONLY spots. We believe that you bring the player, not the class. We love players with great attitude, exceptional skill, and an upbeat personality!

Please send an ingame or forum PM to Amako, Rannic, Zalenus, Ironic, or Funbuns or for additional information on applying, or fill out the application on our Recruitment forum. Recruitment (http://sociallifegaming.com/forums/recruitment/)

SL offers no free rides – but if you’re a mature player looking for an opportunity to be an integral part of a crew who can count on one another to succeed, have the know-how to get it done, and have a laugh while doing it, we might be a good fit for each other!

Again, feel free to contact us in game on Medivh (Amako, Rannic, Zalenus, Ironic or Funbuns) for additional information

More info is also available on our site:
Social Life (http://sociallifegaming.com)