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08-20-2009, 08:12 AM
About Heroes and Legends:

Heroes and Legends was formed in early August of 2008 by a tight-knit group of friends on the US PvE Server Terokkar. Since then, Heroes and Legends has become an active raiding guild currently seeking to replace some key raiders and progress farther into 25 man content.

Our former GM stepped down recently, so now H&L's core group of raiders are looking to fill some key positions. This is a great opportunity for any raiders currently looking to step into a active role in a great guild. We are in a rebuliding process (so don't expect to step into a Uld 25 hard mode run). We're still fielding 25 man / 10 man raids and downing bosses. Our focus over the next few weeks will be to bring our new additions up to speed on strats, working to gear them up as quickly as possible and returning to our former number of dedicated & skilled raiders.

We have currently cleared: 10 / 25 man Naxx, 10 / 25 man EoE, 10 / 25 man OS +3, 10 / 25 man VoA, and are currently 13/ 14 in Ulduar 25 with FL4 down and 13 / 14 in Ulduar 10 with many hard modes complete.

In ToC 25 & 10 we're 2/5. We'll be focusing on the Faction Champions this Friday in dual 10 man runs and Sunday for the 25 man version.

What We Are Looking For:
We are looking for mature individuals able to attend raids regularly. Raiders who come repaired, prepared, with all required add-ons enabled and are able to stay for the duration of the raid you signed up for. Being prepared includes being stacked up on consumables and ready for invites 30 minutes prior to raid start.

Drama is an undesirable trait for applicants, we don't expect everyone to agree all the time but we do expect disagreements to go thru the proper channels

Raid disruptions, such as incessant complaints, negativity, tardiness, and frequent AFKs are not tolerated. We expect players to be mindful of others and to show up on time with correct enchants gems, and ample consumables.

Current Class Needs:
Druids Open Recruiting
Paladins Open Recruiting
Priest -- Open Recruiting
Shaman Open Recruiting
Warrior Open Recruiting
Hunters Open Recruiting
Deathknight Open Recruiting
Warlocks Open Recruiting
Mages Open Recruiting
Rogue Open Recruiting

Raid Times: Sunday - Wednesday from 7pm 11pm server time (8 midnight EST). As with all guilds if the raid leader feels there is a need to go longer we will ***Raid nights are currently under review and may change shortly***

Transfer Info: We are located on the Terokkar US PvE Server. If accepted, you are expected to transfer within 72 hours.

Skill: You must be an exceptional player. You must be thoroughly versed in all PvE aspects of your class

Attendance: We only recruit dedicated raiders. You are expected to maintain 80% raid attendance. We understand though that things do happen in real life so depending on the circumstances the officers are willing to work with you.

Gear & Experience: You must have T8+ quality gear, be well on your ay to epic gems in all slots and experience in raiding. If you're gear is lacking, but you show exceptional class knowledge you may speak with myself or Elleria about a possible exception.

We are currently using the EPGP loot system, which provides a fair and balanced distribution of loot based on each member's contribution, while eliminating problems such as DKP-hoarding inherent with other loot systems. For more information about how EPGP works, check out the EPGP website at The System or search EPGP on any search engine.

Applications can be found at: Home : Heroes and Legends - US - Terokkar - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://heroesandlegends.guildlaunch.com/)

If you have questions, feel free to talk to us on Terokkar (US PvE) or reply to this post and I will do my best to get it answered. Our GM is Tonydyson, our Officers are Cataline, Petus and Deucalion, but any active guild member would be happy to answer your questions.

For more info, check out: Home : Heroes and Legends - US - Terokkar - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://heroesandlegends.guildlaunch.com/)

** Note ** I know that not everyone wants other people to know they are thinking about applying to another guild. If this is the case please feel free to contact me in game and we will work around this. If I am not on just send me an ingame mail with your email address and I will contact you.