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08-19-2009, 10:26 PM
I have been playing a warrior for about 3 years. Experience includes:

TBC - RL/MT for Kara, ZA, TK/SSC (was in a small 10 man guild of friends)

WotLK - Naxx 10/25, OS 10/25 +2, EoE on another character, Uld 12/14 10 man, 10/14 25 man, 2/6 TotC (have been on vacation for the last week haven't seen the faction champions.)

I am looking for a guild that is serious about progression and are a solid, competent, and competitive. My schedule is very busy and I can raid really at only times on Thursday - Monday. I am open to transferring to any realm.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Eldre%27Thalas&n=Melleroy)

I can't wait to apply and Thank You in advance. If you have any extra questions please just ask.

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08-20-2009, 11:25 PM
Hello Everyone,

Here at Legacy of the Darkness our current content working in 10 Ulduar downing Pass Freya within the works downing XT in 25 Uludar as a guild effort with "DownundeR"

Like any other guild we want to down the current content and we are wanting to add to the family with quality and not quantity with honest and reliable players who are serious about raiding but want to be in a fun environment in the guild.

Our times we raid at are between 7:30pm till 10pm Aussie which in US is 2:30am till 5am server time 5 days a week between "Wednesday to Monday".Being the times Aussie and US we have all different walks of life and welcome any mature players whom want to be apart of this progression guild.

Sound knowledge of your class and skill to utilise it in a raid atmosphere, Mature personality and age ( 18+ preferred), Be able to use ventrilo ( a must) and communicate, Show respect for others and don't tarnish the guild name we do NOT tolerate immature behavior.

In Recruitment we are seeking,

Priest (Holy/Disc/Shadow)
DK (Dps)
Druid (Resto/Tank/Feral)
Mage (Any Spec)
Pally (Prot)
Shaman (Elemental)
Warrior (Prot/DPS)

All other classes are closed.

If you would like to apply (Home : Legacy of the Darkness - US - Draenor - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://legacyofthedarkness.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=61024))

We would like to hear from you, ingame mail is acceptable also.