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08-19-2009, 09:12 PM
well ok here goes..... i havent tanked a lot so far..... mainly because my group always wipes..... i just recently got my defense to 543 but..... i still have low hp...... ok sometimes i cant hold aggro and we end up wiping.... and sometimes i hold aggro and i die...... is it me or the healer?? plz just give me some advice....

08-20-2009, 10:23 AM
I'd suggest that you read up on the guides for your class on this website and watch some (or all) of Ciderhelm's introduction to tanking videos. If you're having trouble tanking heroics, do regular lvl 80 instances for a while until you get a better handle on what you're doing.

The secret to holding threat is to understand how your abilities work and how to best use them in each situation you might encounter. The key to staying alive once you've got aggro is also understanding your abilities and how to manage them to get you through times when your healer is falling behind. In both cases, the underlying factor is understanding your class.

You should also try to be familiar with the content you are tanking - being taken by surprise is the best way for a pull to get out of hand and the better you understand the ground you're tanking in, the less likely you are to be surprised by adds, boss abilities, etc.

I'm not really up to speed on DK tanking but if you provide a link to your armory here, people will make suggestions about how you can improve your gear/spec.

Effective tanking is a skill that takes practice - don't get discouraged.



08-20-2009, 10:57 AM
Good work on being defense capped.

Your next step is to pick a spec that you enjoy and learn it's ins and outs. After you've chosen a spec and learned it's single target and aoe pull rotations (dont' follow them religiously, just get an idea of what you're going for) I recommend you do the following -

Continuously go through your spell book and ask yourself - "Am I using this ability to my advantage".
Are you using your cooldowns? Are you producing enough threat? If you're 540 defense capped you should be fine for all heroics that aren't H-TOC.

08-20-2009, 12:08 PM
Theirs a lot of work involved in bringing your DK up to par.

First off, your dodge is extremely low. Even though you are defense capped your going to get hit. Especially since you can't block, you of all classes need to either Not be their, or parry. I would suggest bringing your dodge to approx 23 to 25% at minimum.

Your HP is only 22k unbuffed, if you were stacked with heaps of avoidance it could pass with some good buffs, however you are not. I would also suggest bringing it up to 24 to 25k at minimum.

Next, I would suggest that you drop your tailoring profession, since it is useless to a DK, and pick up Jewelcrafting. This will provide you with some extremely useful gems. IE: 51 stam gems. This would go extremely nice with your enchanting.

While you are working on your JC you would greatly benefit from getting Sons of Hodir and Argent Crusade rep. These will replace your WG enchant and give you another enchant for your head piece.

Always keep in mind that as a DK its extremely important to simply not be their, but, if you do get hit, have the HP and Armor to sustain a couple hits in a row.

As far as threat is concerned; I haven't indulged myself into DK talents so I am unable to provide very much help their, however, I believe that if you take a look into some of those links that he posted above, you may find some very useful information reguarding that issue. Other then re-gearing, gemming, and enchanting to meet the required needs, I find the rest is due to your skill and experience, which comes with time. I highly suggest keeping a stong pocket healer and farming heroics until u get the badges to upgrade your tanking gear.

Once you are established, keep naxx 10 on farm for more badges. Then just move up the chain. In a few weeks you could be running uld 10 & naxx 25.

08-20-2009, 12:30 PM
:) u guys are cool and ty for all the suggestions..... and lol um how do i link my armory to here?? :D

08-20-2009, 12:40 PM
you already have it listed in your nametag, if we left click the arrow by your name, it pulls up your character. Cheers!

08-20-2009, 12:47 PM
oh ok lol :D