View Full Version : [A] Matchbox Soldiers looking for raiders

08-19-2009, 12:53 PM
Matchbox Soldiers is a casual, yet dedicated raiding guild looking to expand its horizons and accomplish bigger things. We are currently working our way through 10-man Ulduar and have downed bosses through Mimiron. We regularly down Flame Leviathan with 2 towers and plan to start working on getting it down with three towers up. When leading raids through 25-man Ulduar, we have cleared the entire first wing. If they say it can’t be done, we like to try and prove them wrong.

MBS welcomes all classes, but has a specific need for ranged classes, AOE tanks, and healers of all types. We help each other out so that we can be prepared to face the challenges ahead of us, whether it be 10 and 25 man Ulduar or the upcoming Argent Coliseum. Whatever the challenge, our goal is to be there on day one.

There are many guilds to call home on the server of Kirin Tor. MBS might not be the flashiest or the biggest, but we’ve accomplished a good number of things since forming in March of this year. We are a dedicated family who is looking to keep the game fun while continuing to move forward through end game content. We hope to have you along for that ride. If interested please go to Login (http://www.matchboxsoldiers.com), to register and apply.

If you'd like to chat up any of the officers in game, please feel free to contact Bennedict, Caeli/Aisti, Delbuster, Falkrinn, Lunariel/Mourneblade, or Tragedy/Corpsified.