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08-19-2009, 04:29 AM
Prodigal Sun - 10 man Guild - Prodigal Sun (http://prodigalsun.darkbb.com/forum.htm)

A brief introduction:

Prodigal Sun are a horde guild on Nordrassil-EU and we are currently looking for a few pro players to add to our small squad as we finish up with Algalon in Ulduar 10 man. We're currrently looking for a Prot Warrior or Feral Druid tank who can blend well into our team, you should be well experienced and ready to push your class as much as you can in a 10-man environment. Gearing you up for multiple specs isn't an issue, just make sure that if you're a druid you have a lot of bag space, we have ~95% drop rate on Vanquisher tokens. Oh and rogues, we've disenchanted about 5 or 6 ilevel 232 daggers and swords recently, not to mention the pair of Yogg daggers Vooie keeps for slaying Gamon.

Currently recruiting:

- Warrior / Druid tank
- Shadow Priest
- Moar people

As mentioned previously, our current recruitment is fairly free-for-all, if you think you may be interested and your class/spec isn't listed here then just give us a shout or drop in an app anyway.

Background Info:

- We currently have the massive amount of 10 raiding members
- We raid 3 nights a week, Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 19:30 - 23:00
- Being in such a small environment having a mic for Ventrilo is a big plus, we maintain a fun atmosphere on vent but easily switch into focused mode.
- Most of our members have a strong 25 man background, but chose to play 10 mans for the atmosphere and enjoyment. If you're just after shiney stuff we're probably not for you.
- We have a very open looting system that involves shouting "OMG NEED11!" on vent if there's something that you would like drops, mostly comes down to a /roll so make sure to pack your roll hacks, although common sense on giving it to the person who gets the biggest upgrade obviously applies also.
- Our GMOTD is often the character '
- We have ~600 Pygmy Suckerfish and ~400 Magic Eaters in our guild bank

Our Progress:

Progress wise we have currently completed the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement, with just Algalon himself remaining. We've done a bunch of the random achievements also and completed the Ulduar "Undying". We also completed Glory of the Raider before Ulduar came out and so we have our proto-drakes, this was also achieved by doing 3 drake Sartharion the proper way. Killing Algalon is our main goal, along with getting all of our members the Rusted-Proto Drake, including repeating all hardmodes for anybody who misses them, just incase recruits would be worried about missing out! (We usually do them anyway, the loot is pro http://www.mmo-champion.com/Smileys/classic/smiley.gif)

Contact us!

Anyway enough rambling for now, for further information or to make your application check out our forum @ Prodigal Sun (http://prodigalsun.darkbb.com/forum.htm) or contact Vooie in-game on Nordrassil-EU.