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08-18-2009, 11:48 AM
Disciple of the Fallen is a soon to be newly formed guild by myself
aimed at casual raid progression in 10man content.

While we are a casual guild, i do expect new recruits to understand
the dynamics of the chosen class and play the class to the best
of their ability. Browsing Tankspot and EJ is a definite plus.

We are recruiting for all spots other than Main tank.

You are expected to have gear ready to hop in Naxxramas and within
a week or two of raiding Ulduar. Loot will be handled by Open rolls in
farm raiding and Loot Council during Progression.

We would love to have you raid with us. For more information please
send Novalee a ingame message and i will reply to you as soon as

Thank You,

Novalee, Champion of the Frozen Wastes